Album – Survey to Bayat Ceramics Village

Survey to Bayat ,Ceramics Villages at Klaten- Central Java  November 2013.

IMG_20131119_122141 IMG_20131119_122155 IMG_20131119_122232 IMG_20131119_122254 IMG_20131119_122315 IMG_20131119_122855 IMG_20131119_122859 IMG_20131119_123517 IMG_20131119_123714 IMG_20131119_124105 IMG_20131119_125905 IMG_20131119_135650 IMG_20131119_135659 IMG_20131119_135706 IMG_20131119_135719 IMG_20131119_135745 IMG_20131119_135807 IMG_20131119_135815 IMG_20131119_135828 IMG_20131119_135830 IMG_20131119_135910 IMG_20131119_135949 IMG_20131119_140016 IMG_20131119_142529 IMG_20131119_142533 IMG_20131119_142536 IMG_20131119_144334 IMG_20131119_144404


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