Album – Survey Bali

14-15 Dec 2014
Jenggala Ceramic-Jimbaran, Bali
Tantri Ceramic, Pejaten, Bali
Clei Pottery, Gianyar, Bali
1451341_574420915980290_2005656891_n 1499647_574421312646917_122631080_n 1505264_574414345980947_754037713_n 1505333_574414122647636_1133714378_n 1513867_574413909314324_1606399676_n 1525047_574420445980337_1035020094_n 1528497_574414015980980_159585730_n 1536605_574420919313623_1628697350_n 1549390_574414525980929_973545767_n 1601469_574421309313584_898611484_n 1601540_574413905980991_1986089411_n

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