Trien ‘iien’ Afriza

Trien ‘iien’ Afriza

Trien 'iien' AfrizaBorn in Jambi, 16 April 1982, Trien Afriza graduated from the Art High School in Padang before moving to Yogyakarta, where she studied ceramics at ISI Yogyakarta. She still works and resides there. To complement her works, Trien Afriza also works with mixed media materials. However, clay and ceramics are still her main inspiration. She has participated in many exhibitions since 2005 in Yogyakarta and Bandung. Her most recent exhibition was “Bakaba #2” at Sangkring Art Space, Yogyakarta (2006). She has also participated in a workshop and residency program, the “Antena Art Project”, in Kalasan Yogyakarta.

Selected Art Activities and Group Exhibitions:

2012– “Ketika Tanah Berbicara”. Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2011– “Small-s’mall”. Via-via Cafe, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2010– “Ruang Berikutnya”. Sangkring Art Space, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2010– “Bakaba” Sakato Art Community, Jogjakarta National Museum, Yogyakarta Indonesia

2009– “Kundruk Truk”. Kersan Art Studio, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2009– “Bersama Dalam Ruang Komposisi” 3D exhibition. Jurug Artsociates, Yogyakarta,


2008– “HighLight. Dari Medium ke Transmedia”. Group exhibition. Jogjakarta National Museum,

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2008– “Play with 3D” Katalis Art Forum, Jogjakarta National Museum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2007– “Neo Nation” Jogja Biennale IX. Taman Budaya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2006– “Tanda Tanah”. Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2005– Borobudur International Fair, Outdoor Exhibition. Borobudur Temple, Indonesia

2005– “Sentuhan Lembut untuk Rok Rimpel Biru” Women Artistic Skill exhibition. Ministry of

Coffee, Yogyakarta, Indonesia





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