PONIMIN M.hum dan karyannya seni keramik instalasai - JudulCINTA DIANTARA KESETIAAN DAN KESIA-SIAANDrs. Ponimin M. Hum was born in Jombang in 1965. Currently, he is pursuing his doctorate at ISI Yogyakarta, specializing in art creation. He also lectures at Malang State University’s Art & Design Department.

He has represented Indonesia in international contemporary art exhibitions, seminars, and workshops, including the 12th Asian Biennale, Bangladesh (2006); the international seminar “Exploration in Contemporary Terracotta”, New Delhi, India (2009); the Shanghai Contemporary Ceramics International Biennale (2010); and the UK International Ceramic Festival, Aberystwyth, Wales (2011).

As a prolific artist, he has received many commissions for tourism-related art pieces from various institutions such as Taman Safari II Malang (“World Cultures” diorama; and theater set-pieces), Jawa Timur Park (replicas of archaic temple statues; and statues of mythological beings), and WBL Lamongan Marine Resort (“7 Architectural Wonders of the World” replicas; and “Journey of Wali Songo”).

Selected Art Activities and Exhibitions:

2012– Academic Art Fair. Joint exhibition by Malang State University and Indonesian Art Institute


2012– UK International Ceramic Festival. Exhibition & Workshop. Aberyswyth Art Center,

Aberyswyth, Wales

2010– Shanghai International Ceramic Teapot Exhibition, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China

2009– 7th China International Garden and Flower Expo. Exhibition. Jinan/Sandong City, People’s

Republic of China

2009– “Exploration Terracotta International”. Exhibition & Seminar. Habitat Center Gallery, New

Delhi, India

2006– 12th Asia Arts Biennale, Bangladesh

2006– 3rd Asna Clay International. Exhibition & Seminar. Karachi, Pakistan

2006– “Reaching of Empty Hope”. East Java Culture Park, Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia

2005– Contemporary Art Exhibition, Group exhibition. Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta,




IMG_3038 IMG_3037


terracota, mix media

pinching, instalasi

t: 2,5 , l:3


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