Oct_fotoBandung-born Octora studied law at Parahyangan University, Bandung, before entering the Faculty of Art and Design, Bandung Institute of Technology, majoring in sculpture art. Since her solo exhibition in 2007 “The Nonya’s Project”, CCF, Bandung, Octora has participated in various exhibitions and proects at home and abroad. In 2010, she was invited to Taiwan as artist-in-residence at Bamboo Culture Studio (Taipei) and Stock20 (Taipei). While there, she presented her solo exhibition “Mimi Project”. She has just completed her artist recidency program at Centre Intermodes, La Rochelle, France, which was complemented by an exhibition “Manis”, which she presented together with fellow artist-in-residence, Bagus Pandega.

Selected Exhibitions:

2012– Indonesian Contemporary Ceramic Art—A Progress Report. Art & Ceramics

Museum, Jakarta, Indonesia

2012– “Manis”. Duo exhibition. Centre Intermonde, La Rochelle, France

2011– “Ekspansi” Exhibition of Indonesian Contemporary Sculptures. Indonesian National

Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia

2011– “Survey II.10” Edwin Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia

2010– “Recent Art from Indonesia: Contemporary Art Turn”. SooBinArtPlus, Singapore

2010– “Mimi project” Solo show. Stock20, Taichung, Taiwan

2009– “Darimana? Indonesian Artists Exhibition” Ma-Sui Gallery, Kawaguchi, Japan

2008– Bandung New Emergence Vol. 2, Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Bandung, Indonesia

2007– “The Nonya’s Project”. Solo show. CCF, Bandung, Indonesia




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