Nguyen Bao Toan

nguyen bao toan-vienamNguyen Bao Toan was born in Hanoi, 1950, he pursued his education in Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts Concentration on Ceramic Department. Besides an artists he also works as specialist to restore and repair all antique ceramic art works from century of 14,15,16 in Vietnam Fine Arts Museum. Gained lots of prizes of Ceramics by Vietnam Fine Arts Association in 1994, 1997, 2000, 2001, 2002,2005, 2009. Until now he has been doing 15 times solo exhibition in Hanoi and USA. In mid 2012, he participated as an artist residency, as Vietnam representative, in Fule International Ceramic Art Museum (FLICAM), Xi’an, China.

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2009 “2009 Ulsan International Onggi Competition, ceramic exhibition “ and awarded The Most Special Prize.

2009 Ceramic exhibition in Ayala museum , Manila ,Philippine.

2008 In Korea.

2007 Ceramic Exhibition in Malaysia, December.

2005 The “2005 Asia Ceramic Network “ in Korea

2005 In New York and Vermont studio September.

“ Hon Viet” in Canada December.

1998 “ Vietnam in the twentieth century” in Brussels, Belgium and Europe community.

1997 “A winding rive the journey of contemporary art in Vietnam” in Washington D.C USA.

1996 Exhibition of Asian Art Ceramic in Japan.

1995 intings and ceramics Exhibition in Japan, Denmark.






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