Maria Bosch Perich

MariaBoschMaria was born in 1965 in Sabadell-Barcelona, Spain. She gained her academic degree in Filosofia i Lletres by the Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona, specializing in Art History.

At the moment and from 1996 onwards, she dedicates to develop a personal research within ceramics. Her passion for ceramics makes her work process become a constant and reflexive practice, which is reflected on her pieces.

Maria’s most recent artwork has a touch of poetic delicacy. Her vessels follow a three-step pattern. They are first coiled, then built with slabs and finished by adding a thrown rim. Before being fired, they are painted with fine engobes. They are subsequently painted and fired till the artwork achieves completion.

She has different teaching experiences; Escola d’Art Ondara with vitrified low-fired underglazes and larg-scale. Between 1990 -1993 as teacher in a ceramic workshop at the prision Centre Penitenciari Quatre Camins in La Roca del Vallès (Barcelona), recently in 2012 she started to teach ceramic at Art Sachool Illa in Sabadell (Barcelona).

During her career she has been actively exhibiting  most of them in France and Spain and won some prizes.

Selected Exhibition:

2012 Collective exhibition in Galerie Sépia (France)

Collective exhibition in Chantier-Libre ( France)

Artist Resindece in FLICAM Fuping Pottery Art Village ( Xina)

Exhibition in Galerie Accro- Terre (Paris – France))

2011 Master Class for professionals engobes and volume in Miguel Molet Workshop

2010 Prize Terrània 2010 8è Festival Internacional de Ceràmica (Montblanc- Spain)

2009 Exphibition in Céramiques d’Artistes Contemporains a Charenton-le-Pont (Paris- France)

2008 Exphibition in Forêt (Barcelona – Spain )

Exphibition in de Printemps au Couvent à Treigny (France)

2007 Parcours Cèramique Carougeois a Les 5 sens (Géneve- Suïsse)

2006 Prize “Pot d’Or Milsbeek” (Holland)

2005 Prize Terrània Montblanc (Tarragona) Spain.

2002 1st prize “Ciutat d’esplugues” in the 12th Biennial International Ceràmica d’Esplugues, Barcelona.





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