Lisa Sumardi

lisa sumardiBorn in Malang, 15 May 1964, Lisa Sunardi actually started as an architect, with degrees from Parahyangan University, Bandung, and Georgia Tech, USA. She discovered Liem Keng Sien’s ceramic studio. She creates ceramic art pieces, as well as ceramic beads accessories, and dolls. She draws her inspiration from nature and Indonesian culture around her. She has exhibited her works at various group exhibitions in Jakarta, including: “Beauty Behind the Flame”, Bentara Budaya Jakarta (2006); “Fire no Fear”, Galeri Hadiprana (2007); and most recently, “Kriya Indonesia: Reposisi” at the Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2012– “Kriya Indonesia: Reposisi”. Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia

2012– Indonesian Contemporary Ceramic Art—A Progress Report. Art & Ceramics Museum,

Jakarta, Indonesia

2008– “Untukmu Perempuan Indonesia’ (Dear Indonesian Women). National Archives Museum,

Jakarta, Indonesia

2007– “Fire No Fear”. Galeri Hadiprana, Jakarta, Indonesia

2006– “Beauty Behind the Flame”. Bentara Budaya Jakarta, Indonesia


lisa sumardi-gadis berkebaya-2007

Gadis Berkebaya

tanah liat sukabumi, pembakaran 1200 C

pinch & coil

h: 60, w: 50, d: 15



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