Khaled Sirag

Khaled Sirag

khaled sirag-cairoBorn in 1969, in an oldest region of Cairo, Egypt, Khaled resides in Egypt and works as a lecturer doctor ath the Ceramic Department, Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University, Cairo since 2006, where in 1992 he also graduated from the same university. He has widely traveled and participated in more than 27 international ceramic syposium. He started to learn ceramic in 1988, then developed his ceramist career since 1991 which was in his begining inspired by natures and (or) history. Then started in 2000, inspired by ‘word’ that comes into clay. Got charmed with smoke effect, in 2007 he plays with the various firing techniqes such as pit ,raku, and smoke firing. As arts developed mostly in contemporary art, he goes into conceptual work which in the future he tries open area installation art.

Exhibitions, symposium, and collections:

 More than 50 participations in local and international exhibitions.

 More than 27 participations in local and international workshops and symposiums.

 Won more than 7 prizes in ceramic art competitions.

 Public collections in more than 20 countries around the world.


khaled sirag- unbalanced crucible-2-White shamot stoneware bodies (smoke fired), normal stoneware colored bodies, and different size (colored body) fragments


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