Kadus Ila

kadus ilaBorn in Majalengka, 31 July 1977, Kadus Illa is an independent ceramic artist living and working in Jatiwangi, Majalengka, West Java. Through his art, he aims to promote ceramic art and Jatiwangi in general. He has worked and collaborated extensively with many artists, such as Paula Jeanine, Deden Sambas, Natas Setiabudhi, Nurdian Ichsan, and Joacelio Batista.

In 2012, together with the residents of Dusun Burujul Wetan, Jatiwangi, and partly in collaboration with Jatiwangi Art Factory, Kadus Illa established “Sunday Afternoon”. It serves as an informal meeting place for village children to play and learn about art from visiting artists from Indonesia and abroad.

Selected Art Activities & Group Exhibitions:

2012– Mural project with Deden Sambas, Jatiwangi, Indonesia

2012– Ceramic Music Festival. Jaf Gallery, Jatiwangi, Indonesia

2012– “Ayakan” Jatiwangi Artist-In-Residence Festival #4

2012– “Village of One” collaboration with Paula Jeanine. Jatiwangi, Indonesia

2011– “Menengok ke Depan”. exhibition Jaf Gallery, Jatiwangi, Indonesia

2010– “Luruskan” with Jocelio Batista. Village Video Festival. Jatiwangi, Indonesia

2010– Collaborative project with Natas Setiabudhi and Nurdian Ichsan. Jatiwangi Artist-in-

Residence Festival #3

2009– “Seni Kreatif berbahan Tanah Genteng”. exhibition Jaf Gallery, Jatiwangi, Indonesia




silence effect

tanah liat, besi pasir

teknik putar, coating cat

25 x 70 cm



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