Konsorsium Musik Keramik [Kosmik]

Kosmik1Konsorsiumusikeramik (Kosmik) is a division of Jatiwangi art factory (Jaf) concerned with the research and development of music and ceramics. They develop and create ceramic musical instruments from Jatiwangi clay—such as clay-bodied guitars and ocarinas—and compose music to be played with these unique instruments. They work closely with the residents of Jatiwangi village, as well as artists, musicians, and art practitioners from Indonesia and abroad.


Rizal Nugraha (Majalengka,27 juli 1996), Kiki Permana (Majalengka,27 juli 1994), Ahmad Thian Fultan (Majalengka,11 September 1987), Andzar Agung Fauzan (Majalengka,15 Juni 1991),  Irpan Sanusi (Majalengka,25 Januari 1992), Tedi Nurmanto ( Cirebon,15 Januari 1988)

Musical Experiences


hanyaterra, @america , Jakarta.indonesia

Hanyaterra, opening exibition ” Bandung Art Contemporary Award”, Bandung .Indonesia

Hanyaterra, Tempo Institute ” Festival Jurnalist Warga “, Jakarta. Indonesia

hanyaterra, “Coffe Break” TV One, Jakarta. Indonesia

Hanyaterra, 1 Abad Jatisura, Jatiwangi . Majalengka

Hanyaterra, ” Pelangi Indonesia ” KOMPAS TV , JAtiwangi . Indonesia

Hanyaterra, Semipalar School, Bandung. Indonesia


People Clay, 5th Bambu Nusantara Festival, Bandung. Indonesia

Hanyaterra, Kick Andy Talkshow. Metro tv, Jakarta. Indonesia

Tedi en, Jatiwangi Art Factory. Jatiwangi. Indonesia


People clay, Indigenous Appearance Culture Festival, Bandung. indonesia

Pemuda Inisiatif, with Juliyana Yasin , FOI Singapore . Singapore.

Los Pejosteros, SIPA, Solo, Indonesia.


Genteng – genteng ensemble, Java jazz – Jakarta. Indonesia

Genteng – genteng ensemble, Otofest – Bandung. Indonesia

Genteng – genteng ensemble, 3rd Bamboo Nusantara Festival, Bandung. Indonesia

People Clay, Taman Budaya Bandung “ Pesta Tanah “. Indonesia

People Clay, #1 Ceramic Biennale, Jakarta. Indonesia

People Clay, Gedung Merdeka, Bandung. Indonesia

Hanyaterra,  Ruang Putih Tikalika Gallery, Bandung. Indonesia

Hanyaterra,GBK, Majalengka. Indonesia



Music project” village of one” with paula jeanine bennet (us) in jatiwangi – indonesia


Installation Project “ Basket of Hope “ with Roman Schatz (Switzerland) in Jatiwangi – Indonesia

Contemporary Music Project “Ritus Gunung“with Daniel Milan Cabrera (Mexico) in Bandung – Indonesia.


OST “There is Baby “film by Alfie Chan (Taiwan), Village Film Festival, Jatiwangi. indonesia

OST “Lain Saukur Impenan “ film by Haidar Afandi (Singapore) Village Film Festival, Jatiwangi . Indonesia

OST “Somewhere in The World “film by Yukkun (Japan). Village Film Festival, Jatiwangi. indonesia

OST “Animation “ film by Joacelio Batista (Brazil) Village Film Festival, Jatiwangi. Indonesia

Shadow Puppet play “Chayamaya“with Kosala Priyam Kumara (Myanmar), Daniel Milan Cabrera (México). Bandung. Indonesia


Music Department of Literature and Art Faculty UPI Bandung “Song for Persib “ Jatiwangi. Indonesia

Music for Exhibition by Juliana Yasin (Singapore) “Tali Timba “Jatiwangi. Indonesia

Mukti–mukti Love Concert “Maesaroh“Jatiwangi. Indonesia

Musical Theater with Bengkel Theater Rendra, Jatiwangi. indonesia







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