Hendri Saifulhayat Herres (Henk Henk)

Hendri Saifulhayat Herres (Henk Henk)

heng hengBandung-based Hendri Saifulhayat Herres was born on 15 November 1966. He graduated from the Ceramics Department of the Faculty of Art and Design, Bandung Institute of Technology. He has also received informal instruction from the well-known painter, Barli. In addition to ceramics, he has also worked in the field of graphic design, interior, and architecture design. He is also a lecturer at UNIKOM, Bandung and ITENAS, Bandung. He has participated in many workshops exhibitions since 1987. His most recent exhibition was “Ceramic-Music Festival” JAF, Jatiwangi (2012).

Selected Art Activities and Group Exhibitions:

2012– “Ceramic Music Festival” Group exhibition. JAF, Jatiwangi, Indonesia

2011– “Fiberglass and Resin”. Professional workshop. UNIKOM, Bandung, Indonesia

2008– Exhibition of works by students and teachers. ITENAS, Bandung, Indonesia

2003– “Ceramics and Firing Techniques” Workshop. Deptam. Palembang, Indonesia

2000– Exhibition of Industrial Ceramics. Essenza. JHCC, Jakarta, Indonesia

1998– “Recycle Think”. Group exhibition. Essenza. Italy.

1995– “Homogeneous Style”. Group exhibition. Essenza, Jakarta Fairground, Jakarta, Indonesia

1992– “Tempayan”. Group exhibition. Ministry of Education and Culture, Jakarta

1990– Exhibition “Bersama YASRI”. Jakarta

1989– “Keramik Ekspresi Bandung”. Group exhibition. Japan Foundation, Jakarta, Indonesia



Rythme on Breath

earthenware, glazed, slab, throwing

90 x 30 x 40 included footage  120 x 60 cm






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