Hary Mahardika

hary mahardikaBorn in Tasikmalaya, 9 August 1986, Hary Mahardika has just completed his Masters in Fine Art at Bandung Institue of Technology. He sometimes use found objects and drawing techniques to complement his ceramic works to better convey his message. His works have been exhibited in Jakarta, Bandung, and Yogyakarta, including: “Hero of the Day”, Benteng Vredenburg, Yogyakarta (2006); 1st Jakarta Contemporary Ceramic Biennale (2009); “Artist Studio”, Paris van Java, Bandung (2011); and most recently “Indonesian Contemporary Ceramic Art—A Progress Report” Art & Ceramics Museum, Jakarta (2012).

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2012– Indonesian Contemporary Ceramic Art—A Progress Report. Art & Ceramics Museum,Jakarta, Indonesia

2011– “2nd Contemporary Archaeology”, SIGIarts, Jakarta, Indonesia

2011– “Bayang” Contemporary Islamic Art Exhibition. Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia

2010– “Indonesian Contemporary Young Sculpture Competition”, ICC Pandaan, Pasuruan, Indonesia

2009– “ceramic in action“. Aarmuh space, Bandung, Indonesia

2009– “we’re millionaire”. A.O.D Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia

2009– “In Between”. 1st Jakarta Contemporary Ceramic Biennale, North Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia

2007– “us/industry” Galery rumah teh, Bandung, Indonesia

2006– “Hero of the day”. Benteng Vredenburg, Jogjakarta, Indonesia

2005– “Satu” TPB exhibition. Aula barat ITB, Bandung, Indonesia



In The Time We Trust

earthenware & stoneware

handbuild sgrafito

250 x 150 cm


details :

IMG_3254 IMG_3257 IMG_3255 IMG_3256


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