Esnur Fauziana

esnur fauzianaBorn in Jakarta on 14 January 1991, Esnur Fauziana is currently studying ceramics at the Faculty of Art and Design, Bandung Institute of Technology. Most recently, she received the Gold Award for Innovative Product in Industrial Design Research at the 2012 Indonesia Good Design Selection for her work “Temaram”.

 Since 2010, she has participated in a number of exhibitions in Bandung and Jakarta, most recently “IJIC 2012” at Bandung Institute of Technology. She has also participated in workshops with leading artists such as Mella Jaarsma & Mirjam Veldhuis (2011) and Victoria Cattoni (2012).

Selected Art Activities & Group Exhibitions:

2012– Experimental art exhibition, East Campus Center, ITB, Bandung, Indonesia

2012– “Kriya Indonesia: Reposisi”. Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia

2012– “IJIC 2012”, ITB, Bandung, Indonesia

2011– “Skin Matter” workshop and exhibition with Mirjam Veldhuis & Mella Jaarsma, Gallery

Soemardja, Bandung Indonesia

2010– “Art in Public Space”. Bandung, Indonesia

2010– “Djamoe #4” UPI, Bandung, Indonesia



esnur fauziana-antup-Paperclay, 1230c,2012


Paperclay, 1230c


Dimensi bervariasi



Keliatan Seni Rupanya

Paperclay, 1100-1230c


Dimensi bervariasi


esnur fauziana-keliatan seni rupanya-Paperclay, 1100-1250c,2012




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