Dwita Anjasmara

dwita anjasmara

Born in Solok, West Sumatra, Dwita Anja Asmara began to study art in Padang’s Art High School (SMSR). She received her post-graduate degree in ceramics from ISI Yogyakarta, where she is now a lecturer attached to the Crafts Department. She is also a passionate researcher of Indonesian traditional art, with topics like art creation and the gonjong (horn-like roof structure) of Minangkabau’s Rumah Gadang. Most recently, she exhibited her ceramic artwork at an exhibition of Southeast Asian art, “Rediscovering the Treasures of Malay Culture”, ISI Padang Panjang, West Sumatra, Indonesia.

Selected Exhibitions:

2012– “Rediscovering the Treasures of Malay Culture”. An exhibition of Southeast Asian Art. ISI

Padang Panjang, West Sumatra, Indonesia

2011– “SRIKANDI #2, Menolak Malu (Rejecting Shame)” Group exhibition. Taman Budaya

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2011– “Ketika Keramik Berbicara” (When Ceramics Speak). Group exhibition. Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2010– National Exhibition of Contemporary Crafts. Art Gallery, House of Sampoerna, Surabaya,


2010– “Exposigns”. Large-scale exhibition of Indonesian Visual Art. Jogja Expo Center,

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2010– “Craft Speaks #2: Dari Ikon ke Simbol”. Group exhibition. Lerep Art Village, Ungaran,

Central Java, Indonesia

2009– “Gawe Besar Jurusan Kriya”. Group exhibition. ISI Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2008– “HighLight. Dari Medium ke Transmedia”. Group exhibition. Jogjakarta National Museum,

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2007– “Keramik Ekspresi Dalam Simbol. Membangkik Batang Tarandam”. Solo show. ISI

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2007– “Gema Wanita” Exhibition of Women Artists. Benteng Vredeburg, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2006– “Ekspresi-ekspresi Perempuan”. Group exhibition. Balai Rupa Tembi Yogyakarta,


2005– Group craft exhibition, ISI Yogyakarta & Bantul Regional Government, Indonesia




Lihat Kami



40 x 2.50 x 15 cm



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