Chitaru Kawasaki

Chitaru Kawasaki


Kawasaki sensei was a Japanese artist (born in 1938, Hiroshima) who resides between Japan and Indonesia (Klaten, Central Java), has dedicated his life for almost 25 years (since 1988) to do an International Exchange Program by the support from Kyoto Seika University, focusing in the Research and Development for terracotta clay, in a village of Bayat, Klaten, Central Java, Indonesia.

Retired in 2008 from Kyoto Seika University where he also teach and at the same year gained Honorary Lecturer, he started to focus on education program by building and developing a craft shcool in that village. As an artist, he has done a lot of art activites and exhibitions since 1960. His latest solo exhibition “Knot, Connection, and String Playing” was exhibited in National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia, in 2012.

Selected Art Activites and Exhibitions

2012 A Solo Exhibition, “Knot, Connection, and String’, National Gallery, Jakarta

2009 Inauguration of SMK N 1 ROTA BAYAT (craft accademy), Indonesia.

2007 Exhibition and Workshop “Keramik Putaran Miring II” (Slanting Wheel Ceramic) , Bentara Budaya Jakarta, Indonesia.

2005 By the funding from Japa, developed “Pusat Pelestarian Budaya Putaran Miring” (A Center of Slantin Wheel Preservation), Bayat, Pagerjurang, Klaten , Central Java, Indonesia.

2000 Exhibition and Workshop “Keramik Putaran Miring I” (Slanting Wheel Ceramic) , Bentara Budaya Jakarta, Indonesia.

1998 Launched a book “Indonesia no Nooyaki Dooki”, published by Kyoto Shoin.

1995 Gained Grand Prix Award in “The 1st Busan International Exhibition”, Busan, South Korea.

1983 Gained Silver Award in Cermic Design Competition, organized by Ministry of Intertnational Trade and Industry, Japan.

1982 Japan Modern Ceramic Exhibition (traveled around Europe)



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