Ahadiat Joedawinata


Ahadiat Joedawinata was born in Cirebon, 31 January 1943. During his high school years (1960-63), Ahadiat spent a lot of his time participating in the varied activities at the Artist’s Studio (Sanggar Seniman), Bandung, under the tutelage of leading artists But Muchtar, Srihadi Soedarsono, A.D. Pirous, and Adrin Kahar. He holds a doctorate from Bandung Institute of Technology, where he now lectures.

In addition to his lectures and exhibitions, Ahadiat also pours his passion into designing exhibitions and interiors both at home and abroad. Together with his wife, Rini Chairin Hayati, Ahadiat explores various traditional craft designs, especially wooden, earthenware, and bamboo-based crafts. Ahadiat runs a ceramics studio from his residence.

Selected Exhibitions:

2012– 2nd Southeast Asia Ceramic Conference, Fu Le International Ceramic Art Museum, FLICAM, Fuping, China

2010– “Making is Thinking” JazzCraft Vaganza Art Exhibition, Bale Pare. Exhibition Hall, Kota Baru Parahyangan, Padalarang, Indonesia

2009– “Ring of Fire”. 1st Southeast Asian Ceramics Festival. Ayala Museum, Makati City, the Philippines

2009– “The Journey”. Solo show. Kendra Gallery of Contemporary Art, Bali, Indonesia

2009– “In Between”. 1st Jakarta Contemporary Ceramic Biennale, North Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia

2008– “Critical Point”. Solo show. O House Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia

2007– “Good Design” competition and exhibition. London, UK

2005– “Soil-Man-Space”. Solo how. Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Bandung,Indonesia

2005– “Ceramic”. Solo show. Decorous, Jakarta, Indonesia

2005– Gwangju Biennale. Gwangju, South Korea



“Enerji Dalam Rekahan”

Stoneware (1.180 ºC s.d 1.230 °C )

Pinching, Ferro & Glaze,

L.53 x H.32 x W.38



Energi Dalam Ruang

Stoneware (1.180 ºC s.d 1.230 °C )

Pinching, Ferro & Glaze

L.47x H.25x W.36



Energi Yang Dilipat

Stoneware (1.180 ºC s.d 1.230 °C )

Pinching, Ferro & Glaze

Ø.46 x H.51


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