Tromarama was formed in 2005. It began with their interests in video, especially the ones made manually, analog, or can be considered as ‘old-fashioned’, one of them is stop motion animation. To them, an artwork is not supposed to lose the touch of a hand, which includes artworks such as video art. They believe that the touch of a hand gives a sense of closeness between an artwork and the viewer eliminating the usually occurred gap in between.
To Tromarama, art is a playing ground, a place where they can freely imagine whatever it is in their minds. They are happy to imagine how the daily objects can seemingly move as if they were alive—this is why they love using the stop motion animation technique. Everything seems to get a second chance to become something else other that what is normal. Even the smallest part that can easily be ignored from this world can have its own story.
Video titled Ting* was made when they still had their jobs in their own offices. They wanted to tell everyone about their own daily routines at work that were usually far for the excitement they had expected. Because of that, they wanted to try to rest and do something exciting together without thinking about their daily routines at work. This artwork has been shown in some art exhibitions, such as A Decade of Dedication: Ten Years Revisited at Selasar Sunaryo Art Space and Refresh: New Strategies in Indonesian Contemporary Art, VWFA Singapore in 2008. For this artwork, they used more than 500 ceramic plates, bowls, cups, and glasses which are presented as an installation together with the video. ‘Mari bermain bersama kami’ (Let’s play with us), as Ruddy Alexander Hatumena, Herbert Hans, and Febie Babyrose said.


Description: stop motion animation with porcelain tableware
single channel video with tableware instalation
duration: 02:47

Ting. Still Image (detailed)

Artist statement

For us, art is a playground–a place where we’re free to imagine what inside our minds. We love to imagine our daily things moving as if they’re alive ( that’s why we loved using stop-motion technique). It’s like everything got a second chance being something they’re not meant to be, even the tinniest part of this world and unnoticed things have a story.

We make this video work while the three of us still have a job in the office. We want to talk about our daily life in the office. Fun is not close enough in our everyday life. This is how we want to take a break to have some fun without thinking about our daily work in the office. So lets play with us!


Febie Babyrose
Born in Jakarta, 5 February 1985
Graduated from Faculty of Visual Arts and Design,
Bandung Institute of Technology
Printmaking Studio (2008)

Herbert Hans Maruli
Born in Jakarta, 28 April 1984
Graduated from Faculty of Visual Arts and Design,
Bandung Institute of Technology
Visual Communication Design (2008)

Ruddy Alexander Hatumena
Born in Bahrain, 14 September 1984
Graduated from Faculty of Visual Arts and Design,
Bandung Institute of Technology
Visual Communication Design (2007)

Group Exhibition
Tropical Lab, Praxis Space, Lasalle College of Arts, Singapore
FAIRIES, Vivi Yip Art Room, Jakarta
OK. VIDEO COMEDY, 4TH Jakarta International Video Festival, National Gallery, Jakarta
We’re All Millionaires, A.O.D Art Space, Jakarta
C-Arts Show with Vivi Yip Art Room, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta
Hybridization, North Art Space Gallery, Jakarta
Cross Animate, space*c Coreana art & culture complex , Seoul, South Korea
Bandung Art Now, National Gallery, Jakarta

After Ten Years, Friends Call Us Unkle Book Launching, Live Visual Installation, Bandung
Refresh: New Strategies in Indonesian Contemporary Art, VWFA Singapore
Singapore Biennale 2008 : Wonder, Singapore
A Decade of Dedication : Ten Years Revisited , Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Bandung
Grafis Indonesia Sekarang, Tembi Contemporary, Yogyakarta

Chapter One : Der Ach , Paper Model and Custom Sneakers Exhibition, Bandung
Bandung New Emergence, Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Bandung

A Window to the World, Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Japan
Europe on Screen, Europe Film Festival, Jakarta
URBANimation, Jakarta
HELLO;FEST vol 4 Video Animation Festival, Jakarta
HELLO;FEST vol 3 Video Animation Festival, Jakarta
Video After School vol#1, Universitas Widyatama Bandung

Tropical Lab, Presented by Lasalle College of Arts, Singapore

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