Titarubi studied ceramics art at the Faculty of Fine Art and Design ITB that she finished in 1997. After graduation, not only has Titarubi been working with ceramic medium, she has also been creating some installations using a variety of media. Her artworks have been shown in different kinds of collaborative and biennale exhibitions in Indonesia and overseas. Besides that, she has involved in collective works of art and some humanitarian activities. Tita organizes an Art Management called I-Can located in Yogyakarta. Her artwork shown in this exhibition is one of her earlier works from her solo exhibition in 2003 and 2004 titled Bayang-bayang Maha Kecil (Super-tiny Shadows). It is in a form of a young child consisting of the head and both palms. Arabic letters are written all over its surface done by engraving them. This artwork is inspired by reflections of her experiences related to her two daughters. A story of a child is always in a woman’s story, the mother who gave birth to the child. This artwork also reflects different things that put colours to her experiences, ranging from doubts, faith, to hopes she has. In her early artworks, she generally brought up issues on body, especially female’s body, which is related to the construction built in the community giving meanings to it. Her criticism and contemplation are presented through different media explored in the same intensity. If she chooses ceramic as a medium, it is mainly because the meanings that she wants to deliver through this medium are attached to their physical and cultural meanings. Overall, her artworks show her determination to find the in-depth meanings, to initiate criticisms, to show reflections on issues of humanity.


” Bayang-Bayang Maha Kecil”
(serial 9 of 9)
130 x 40 x 40 cm
Ceramic, MDF, Acrylic and Lamp


Exhibition View



Born Bandung, Indonesia, 1968

Bandung Institute of Technology Faculty of Art and Design, Ceramic Studio (Fine Art) Bandung, Indonesia (1987-1997)

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