Shamsu Mohamad

Shamsu Momamad currently works as a lecturer at Pusat Pengajian Seni (Art Research Center), Universiti Sains Malaysia. In 1984, he got his bachelor’s degree from the Mara Institute of Technology majoring in ceramics art. In 1997, he graduated and gained a master’s degree in Industrial Design from the London Institute, England. He also had the chance to do an in-depth study about the process of burning and ceramic stove in Mino, Kamazaki, Japan in 1999. The education he got in design gives a unique character in his artworks and how he responds to the medium he uses.
Shamsu’s interest is in the character of clay itself, and the experimentation process using organic materials and industrial wastes such as, fruit branches from palm trees, sea grass, banana branches, sponges, newspapers, etc. His artworks use the potential of biomass and recycled materials in his creative thinking process for continuous development.
His artworks in this exhibition are playing with the aspect of ray (nur), its translucent character, and its sensuous effect of porcelain that he arranges as a sculpture formed organically. His concept reflects his personal experience, the spiritual connection with nature, the appreciation of the shapes of nature, the shape of beautiful coral underwater. Shamsu’s ‘Nur’ artworks offer an emotional experience about the world that is only achieved through our intellectuality.



Exhibition View

Artist Statement:

My passion is for clay itself, and the process of experimenting with organic and waste from industries such as empty fruit bunch of palm oil, seaweeds, rice husk, banana stem, sponge, newspaper etc. My art work utilized the potential of biomass and recycle material towards creative thinking for sustainable development.
My current work plays on the light (Nur), translucency and sensuality of porcelain material which I transform into organically shaped sculpture. The concept of my work reflects my personal experience, spiritual connection to the natural world, an appreciation of forms in nature, beautiful coral form of deep sea. My Nur offer an emotional experience of a world that is usually accessible only through our intellect.


Education and Academic Qualification:
Master Industrial Design.
London Institute. UK. 1997

Bachelor of Design (Ceramics )
Mara Institute of Technology. 1983/84

Cert. Kiln and Firing Technology
Mino Yogyo. Kamezaki
Japan. 1999


Silver Medal
Invention of Bio-Cera Phase 2
Bio Malaysia 2008
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Silver Medal
Invention of Bio-Cera
Environmental Category
International Exposition of Research and Inventions of Institutions of Higher Learning 2007
Kuala Lumpur Convection Centre

Silver Medal
Invention of Eco Oil Palm Ash Glaze
IENA 2005, Nuremberg,

Gold Medal
Invention of Eco Oil Palm Ash Glaze
ITEX 2005-05-24
PWTC, Kuala Lumpur

Bronze Medal 2004
Invention of Eco Hydrilla Ash Glaze
Environmental Category
Invention & New Product Exposition, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

Gold Award 2003
Furniture Design Competition
Sarawak Timber Industries Development Cooperation

Silver Award 2003
Innovative Furniture Design Competition, MAFEX 2003- IFDC
Kuala Lumpur

Gold Award 2002
Invention of Hydrilla Ash Glaze
Innovation Competition from Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment of Malaysia

Award of Excellence 2002
Invention of Hydrilla Ash Glaze
Invention of New Product Exposition,USA

Jury Choice 2002
Labuan Art’s Festival from Labuan Arts Society Sabah

Merit Award 2001
Innovative Materials by Institute of Materials Malaysia

3 rd Prize 1998
Ceramic Competition from Sarawak Craft Council, Sarawak, Malaysia.


Tampannya Budi
National Art Gallery
Kuala Lumpur

January 2009
The contemporary Ceramic :ACN 09
Penang State Art Gallery

July 2008
Asia Artis Network
Seoul National University of Technology

July 2008
APEX University:USM
Adiwarna Gallery, USM

June 2008
SMIDEX 2008 & East Asia SME Convention

January 2008
Bumi Angin
National Art Gallery
Kuala Lumpur

December 2007
International Contemporary Ceramic Exhibition, Selsius & ACN 2007
National Art Gallery
Kuala Lumpur

September 2007
Island to Island
University of Hawaii

August 2007
International Exposition of Research and Inventions of Institutions of Higher Learning 2007. KLCC.Malaysia

July 2007
Island to island
University Sciences of Malaysia

Mac 2007
Island to Island
University of Tasmania

December 2006
ACN: The 13 th National Ceramics Exhibition. Silpakorn University. Bangkok

November 2005
IENA, Nuremberg,

September 2005
Eco Products International Fair, IMPACT,

January 2005
ACN :Korea Craft Promotion Foundation Gallery.

August 2004
Solo Exhibition: Hydrilla Ash Glaze & Ceramics Artistic Forms. Gallery Faculty of Applied & Creative Arts, UNIMAS, Sarawak

Sept 2001
Solo Exhibition :Bunga Terung: Contemporary Ceramic
Gallery M, Kuching.