Noor Sudiyati

In her artworks, Noor Sudiyati raises problems and ideas on life and life experiences surrounded by dirt as one of the earth’s element. She uses clay as her basic material and gives it spiritual meanings related to the concept of the creation of humans that is believed to be made of dirt. Noor works on symbolic forms that remind us of the characters of nature and at the same time give them meanings related to issues on humans’ spirituality. To Noor, ceramic or other clay media are very powerful in recording human’s expressions. Organic forms and natural colours similar to dirt are her main strengths and characters. Her artworks have powerful tactile aspects and strongly remind us of the processes behind them that always involve dirt, air, water, and fire element and how they get organized and were transformed into a new material: ceramic. Noor Sudiyati gained her art education at Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI) where she also gained both of her master’s and doctoral degrees. Not only she actively participates in many exhibitions, but she has also been working as a lecturer at ISI majoring in ceramics art since 1990 and is the Head of Ceramics Art Study Programme, Yogyakarta. Moreover, she is active in giving seminars and trainings to craftsmen in several places in Indonesia and is currently doing some researches about ceramics.


Keberadaan (Presence). 55 x 55 x 15 cm

Pertahanan (2009)

Stoneware .34 x 15 x 55 cm

Exhibition View





” Ekspresi Tanah liat ” Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta


” Ceramic,Art & Contemplation ” Kinara Galeri Bali


” Dari Tanah ke Tanah ” Galeri Lontar Jakarta

” Bermula Dari Segitiga ” Pasca Sarjana ISI Yogya
2004 ” Ritus Daun ” Edwin Galeri Jakarta


2001 Yogyakarta Art Festival, Yogyakarta
Dies Natalis ISI, Yogyakarta
Kria Contemporer Indonesia, Indonesia National Gallery, Jakarta
Kria Seni Sebuah Jawaban Masa Depan, National Gallery, Jakarta

2002 Yogyakarta Art Festival, Yogyakarta
Dies Natalis ISI, Yogyakarta
Refleksi Medium, Gallery Benda, Yogyakarta

2003 Indonesia Art Festival (FKI), Surabaya
CP Open Biennale, Indonesia National Gallery, Jakarta

2004 Kriya Kontemporer, Taman Budaya, Yogyakarta
Stiek Together, Bentara Budaya, Yogyakarta
Desember dan Seni Perempuan, Titian Griya Seni, Yogyakarta

2005 Art for Aceh, Titian Griya Seni, Yogyakarta
Fungsi on Art Ceramic, Tembi Gallery, Yogyakarta
Bazar Art, FKY, Yogyakarta
Pameran Keramik 4 Kota, Museum Keramik dan Seni Rupa, Jakarta
Pameran Biennale VIII, Taman Budaya, Yogyakarta

2006 Pameran Qualisign, Kriya Kontemporer, Surabaya
Pameran Seni Rupa Multi Tradisi, Bandung
Pameran Sketsavaganza, Taman Budaya , Yogyakarta

2007 Pameran 100 Tahun Affandi, Yogyakarta

2008 Pameran Keramik di Sangkring Galery yogyakarta
Pameran Crafting Mask, Contemporary Art Craft Exhibition srby
Pameran Manifesto di Gallery National Jakarta
Pameran Ceramic Arafura Craft Exchange di Darwin Australia
2009 Pameran Besar Kriya. Mei,2009
Pameran Seni Kriya Kontemporer, Juli 2009, Gedung Sampoerna,
Pameran Exposign JEC Yogyakarta
Pameran Biennale Yogyakarta
Pameran Craft Speaks

Pengalaman Kerja :

– Sejak tahun 1990 sebagai dosen di ISI Yogyakarta.
– Sejak tahun 2004 sebagai Ketua Program Studi Jurusan Kriya ISI Yogyakarta
– Sebagai Ketua Dewan Sekolah SMK N 3 Yogyakarta
– Mulai tahun 2005 sebagai dosen di Pasca Sarjana ISI Yogyakarta
– Pebuari 2008 , Peb sebagai Delegasi Craft Asean Youth Camp 2008 di Yogyakarta
– Aktif sebagai pembicara pada berbagai seminar Seni Rupa dan Keramik
– Sebagai penguji eksternal diberbagai SMK di Yogyakarta

Aktifitas Profesi:

– Penyuluhan Perajin Keramik di Pundong, Kasongan, Banjar Negara dan Lombok
– Pembinaan Perajin Keramik di Bayat, Klaten bersama Prof. Chitaru Kawasaki
– Sebagai Ketua Dewan Sekolah “SMK Negeri 3” Yogyakarta periode 2005 – 2008
– Sebagai juri pada berbagai perlombaan Seni dan Desain Kerajinan di Yogyakarta
– September 2007, Asean Youth Camp, Dep Luar Negeri
– Peb 2008; Kembang Setaman
– juni 2009 Workshop Keramik ”Pasar Kangen Yogya di Taman Budaya”yogya.

Penelitian/ Parancangan:
-Eksplorasi Tanah Liat, 2006
-Introspeksi, 2007
-Keramik Seni Sebagai Lampu, 2008
-Esksplorasi daun sebagai Keramik Seni, 2009

-Ekspesi dan Teknis dalam Seni Keramik majalah Elspresi 2006
– Keindahan Keramik Putar – Mei, 2009 Procceding Purna Tugas Prof Gustami .
– Keramik Cina Menguak Peradaban- 2009 Majalah Ars. Edisi Juni

Karir :
– Pada tahun 1990 bersama suami : Agung. A. mendirikan Studio Keramik Kreatif di Yogyakarta

Tanggapan kurator pada karya Noor Sudiyati :
“Noor Sudiyati, who is currently exhibiting her ceramic works, belongs to a different stream. Through her idea of life and living around the earth, she demonstrates her technical skill, her ability to transform earth into ceramic work wich has the ability to charm disturb. A fusion of metamorphosis shape with earth original character,
becomes the strength of her expression.
Noor explores her inspiration through every technical and material possibilities.
Noor Sudiyati’s ceramic work awards a strong presence, it is a work of art free from
the uncertainty of function and expression. Noor’s work contemplates our awareness,
it remind us of life’s aspect: earth, water, wind and fire.”
Suwarno Wisetrotomo, Indonesia Art Curator

“Noor Sudiyati’s art works have proven the legacy mistakes which has dominated for
these two centuries. Her art works show an exploration to a new idiomatic invention.
Her art works are evidently fullof value search.”
Noor Sudiyati connects ceramic art culture and has reached a new paradigm which has never been thought of before.
Her ceramic art works come from a concept to return ceramics which come from soil to
its looks with soil characteristic. This concept is unique (and new as far as I know).”
“Noor Sudiyati, in my opinion, has found a ceramic art philosophy dimension because
she has succeeded to escape from the shadow of ceramics and ceramic art.
I think she has explored ceramic art not as a material world, but as a spiritual world.”
Jim Supangkat, Indonesia Art Curator

“In any case, Noor Sudiyati’s ceramics which are intimate, natural, and dynamic deserve a scrutiny by art observers. I am sure that Noor with her expressive ceramics is able to give a meaningful contribution to Indonesian art progression, especially in Indonesian ceramic art progression.”
Subroto Sm, painter and lecturer
(Indonesia Institute of Arts) Yogyakarta – Indonesia