Natas Setiabudhi

Natas Setiabudhi finished his study at the Faculty of Fine Art and Design ITB majoring in ceramics art in 1997. He manages his own ceramics art studio. Through it, Natas has produced functional ceramic products, such table wares with limited designs and numbers or non-mass production. Most of his artworks are inspired by his interests in pottery / vessel. For a handmade ceramic product, it shows that he is knowledgeable in and has full understanding of ceramic production techniques including clay and the finishing processes applied. In this exhibition, Natas creates rather different artworks compared to what he usually makes. His artworks are in forms of cubes that he composes on the wall combining them with different geometrical objects in each part. The interesting things about his artworks are the varied textures and combinations of different surfaces of the cubes showing imaginary complexity at a certain level and simplicity of a form at the same time. His artworks show a unique tendency in ceramics art that present architectural forms relatively close to abstract art or formalism in modern art. The difference is the medium being used, which is ceramic, making the artworks as a unique part of the ceramics art discourse. In fact, several artworks in this category are inspired by pottery tradition called sculptural pottery.


Four Sixteen
Stoneware clay
Slip cast and hand built
Zirkonia glazes, 1230 derajat celsius
per module : 9,5 x 9,5 x 5,5 cm
Total square : 224 x 107 cm.



Natas Setiabudhi DP.
Born in Bandung, 6 Agustus 1973.

Pendidikan Studio Seni Keramik , Fakultas Seni Rupa dan Disain ITB, 1992 – 1997.

Pameran Seni :
2009 Bandung INITIATIVE # 3 : Forming as Attitude,Galeri Roemah Roepa, Jakarta.
Keramik Jejak, Galeri Titik Oranje, Bandung.
2004 Pameran Seni Keramik Muda Indonesia, Galeri Nasional, Jakarta.
2001 Pameran Jejak Tanah dan Api, Museum Nasional, Jakarta.
2000 Bandung Young Artist Exhibition, Nu Art, Sculpture Park, Bandung.
1999 Pameran dan Bursa Keramik, Taman Budaya Propinsi DIY.
Clay and Fiber Art Craft Exhibition, Bandung.