Mirjam Veldhuis

After she graduated from Academie Minerva, Groningen, Holland in 1985, Mirjam Veldhuis has actively been working as a ceramics artist and until now she has been involved in some art exhibitions in Holland, some projects of commissions works, and artist recidency. This year, she has just finished her recidency programme in Japan where she tried to develop a new artwork. As a ceramic artist, Mirjam always sees her artworks as sculptures. In her creating process, she chooses clay as a medium and the forming techniques with a more flexible attitude and not too restricted by ceramics art traditions. She considers the form configurations and the impact on perceptions of imaginations of everyone who sees it.

There are two interesting things in sculpture according to Mirjam. First, we can see it, and second, we can also touch it. For her, choosing sculpture as a form of the articulation of ideas compare to other art forms is merely because it is real and can be touched. Choosing clay came up naturally, just because its plasticity and the interesting results after the burning process, either in colours or in its natural characters of the surface.

In the last ten years, Mirjam has been developing her artworks began from the process where experimentation and accidental process are important. This attitude may lead to desasters, which happened sometimes, but a better result is usually gained. This sitation amazes her when she is able to transform a failure or an error into something aesthetically interesting, such as by showing the failures / errors adn emphasizing them, not hiding them.


In the flesh

Measurements: HxWxD: 25 x 56 x 32 cm
Material and technique: clazed stoneware

For fingertravelling

Measurements: HxWxD: 35 x35x 35 cm

Material and technique: glazed stoneware reduction fired

Artist statement:

There are two good things about sculpture. First; you can see it and second; you can touch it. For me the choice for sculpture over any other form of art is exactly because of this ‘realness’. Choosing clay came naturally, because of its plasticity, and the attractive results after firing: in its colours and in the surfaces.

The last ten years my work developed towards a process where coincidence and experiment are playing important roles. An attitude like that cán lead to disasters, and sometimes they happen, but more often something good came out of this method. It thrills me when I turn a failure or flaw into something esthetically interesting, for instance by emphasizing it, rather than hiding it


Mirjam Veldhuis (Voorschoten 1961)
Website: http://www.mirjamveldhuis.nl

1980-1985 Academie Minerva, Groningen

Exposities (selectie vanaf 1999)/Exhibitions (selection from 1999 onwards)
2010 Akkuh, centre for contemporary art, projectroom
2009 Art Amsterdam, for Galerie Smarius
Keramik Europas, exhibition for the Westerwald Preis 2009, Keramikmuseum Westerwald, Höhr-Grenzhausen (D)
2008 Galerie Smarius, Sonnega (solo)
2007 Nationaal Keramiekmuseum Het Princessehof , Leeuwarden
Art Amsterdam, for Galerie Smarius
CBK Apeldoorn, centre for visual arts, Beekpark Stroomt 11
2006 Anningahof, Zwolle
Galerie Smarius, Sonnega (duo)
2005 Anningahof, Zwolle
2004 Wunderkammer, Gerhard Marcks Haus, pavillion exhibition Bremen D) (solo)
Tableware, Post Zutphen, Zutphen
TRACE-multiple show, at Hirschl Contemporary Art, Londen (GB)
Hemelse Modder, Archipel, Apeldoorn
2003 Borstelen & keren, CBK, centre for visual arts, Groningen (duo)
2002 Positionen, Kultursommer Syke (D)
Four ladies enjoying themselves, BiemoldsBelang, Groningen
2001 Homebred & Balanced, TRACE, Weymouth (duo) (GB)
Roze Gloed, Theatergalerie De Lawei, Drachten (duo)
1999 Leerzaam Huisraad, Borg Rusthoven, Wirdum

2004 Catalogue Mirjam Veldhuis 2000-2004, text Gudrun Schmidt-Esters and Sian Bonnell
2003 Bridge Project, Lan2d, Website and book
Borstelen & keren, leaflet for exhibtion CBK, tekst: Yasmin Jaffri
2001 Four Ladies enjoying themselves, text: Mirjam Veldhuis
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2007 Een beeld voor alle waterstanden, sculpture in canal Kloosterveen, Assen
Haar lippen, sculpted pavement for sculpturepark Anningahof
2004 Proposal for sculpture at communityhouse Nieuw-Weerdinge
2001 Proposal for sculpture at multifunctional centre, Aalden
1999 Proposal for sculpture at primary school Angelslo, Emmen
1995 Buutpaal, on the playground of primaryschool de Driemaster, Assen
1993 Mural for primaryschool de Borg, Assen
1992 Five sculptures for Groot Bronswijk, daycare centre for psychiatric treatment, Winschoten

2010 Gaya Ceramic Art Centre, Bali, Indonesia
2009 Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Japan

2004 Prins Bernhard Fonds
2004 Provincie Groningen
2003 Basisstipendium Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam