Sri Hartono

Since 1954, Sri Hartono, well-known as Kang Sri, has been actively painting together with other painters in Himpunan Budaya Surakarta (Association of Surakarta Culture). Aside from painting, Kang Sri is interested in exploring ceramic to express his ideas. Something that is very different about his artworks in particular, is the process. However, whatever it is that interests him in this medium, this can overcome technical problems, especially the ones related to the differences in dimensions of artworks. His artworks are a commentary and criticism on social problems in big cities. In this exhibition, he creates something that looks like a ship with forms like buildings on top of it. One of the buildings reminds us of one of Jakarta’s landmarks, Monas (the national monument). Kang Sri tries to comment on one unresolved issue in Jakarta, which is flood. The city on the ship may implicitly comment and question about the future of the city (=Jakarta), floating without directions, seems like it is in a mess. Kang Sri’s artworks are a narrative representation about the reality. He clearly presents iconic signs with the symbolic meanings underneath. His artworks are figurative ceramics which processes show the connection with pottery tradition using radial forms even though they need not to function as common pottery artworks.


Bahtera Nabi Noeh. 2009

T 56 cm L 44 cm W 23 cm. Stoneware, Sukabumi Clay Glazed, engobe. Single Firing.



Lahir di Solo, 1935. Aktif melukis sejak tahun 1954, dan bergabung dengan para pelukis HBS (Himpunan Budaya Surakarta). Dua tahun kemudian ia belajar lukis di ASRI, Yogyakarta (sekarang ISI), dan lulus tahun 1960. Beberapa pameran yang pernah diikutinya, antara lain; “Save Our Ocean”, Galeri Nasional, Jakarta (2001). “Keramik Kreatif” di Museum Seni Rupa dan Keramik, Jakarta (2003). “Keramik Kreatif dari 4 Kota” di Museum Seni Rupa dan Keramik, Jakarta (2005). CP Biennale “Urban/Culture”, Museum Bank Indonesia (2005). Pameran seni rupa “Manifesto” di Galeri Nasional (2008).