Herra Pahlasari

Herra Pahlasari finished her bachelor’s degree in Ceramics Art at ITB in 2002. For her final project, she combined two media, ceramic sculpture and video creating an installation and a performance. In 2003, Herra and some video artists founded Videolab, a non-profit organisation with the main purpose to collect data of video artworks both local and international for reference and research. Since that time, she has been actively involved in many video art projects including workshops and exhibitions. At the moment, she is finishing her master’s degree at ITB with her final research topic of Art Management.

Different from other ceramics artists who are mostly close and intimate to clay/ earth used as a medium from the beginning of the process, Herra chooses ceramic medium with a more distant attitude. In several of her artworks, she uses the ceramic object in between other media to emphasize on the ideas. Meanwhile, other ceramic artists began creating their artworks from the familiarity and understanding of the quality of the medium—ceramic or clay. However, this is exactly why it is interesting because her video installation can give a new and different perspective to broaden the restrictions in the practice of ceramics art. Herra’s artworks raise issues related to life tribulations and the values behind them; life stories or narrations that contain truthfulness. To her, ceramic objects she chooses are like any other objects, they have stories behind them and appear as symbols in artworks. In her artwork this time, Herra presents a set of ceramic tea cups that she breaks before it is reconstructed (again). This object is combined with other video art showing the same set of tea cups being used, unbroken.


Please, let us have a cup of happiness. (DVD and Found Ceramic Object).2009

Exhibition View

Sebuah cerita tentang kehidupan, kejujuran, ketika kita berbagi cerita tentang kehidupan dan kejujurannya itu sendiri kepada orang lain. Satu refleksi hidup yang dialami oleh semua orang dan menjadikannya suatu hubungan satu dan lainnya. Serangkai teaset putih dan cerita dibaliknya.


Herra Pahlasari Saefullah

Place of Birth: Canberra, Australia
Birthday: November 10, 1978
Citizenship: Indonesian

Educational Background
2007 – present : Thesis in Art Management, Magister Faculty of Art and Design,
Bandung Institute of Technology, Bandung, Indonesia

1997 – 2002 :Art Ceramics, Faculty of Art and Design, Bandung Institute of
Technology , Bandung, Indonesia

Exhibitions and Workshops

October 2009 : Participated in MY BODY, Andy Gallery, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta

August 2009 : Participated in A-MAZE Bazaar Art Fair 2009, Pacific Place, Jakarta
May 2009 : Participated in “ Bandung Initiative #4 “, Roemah Roepa, Jakarta
March 2009 : Participated in “ Latitudes in Transit “, Indonesia-Mexico Artist Exchange Program, Galeri Nasional, Jakarta, Indonesia

December 2008 : Participated in DEER ANDRY project, s.14, Bandung, Indonesia

August 2008 : Participated in 17 Agustus 2008: Konsoemsi ataoe Mati initiated by
BYAR Creative Industry in Semarang, East Java
( VIDEOLAB and Personal Works )

March 2008 : Participated in Scroll Handmade Video Workshop at Selasar Sunaryo Art SpaceHost by Chikara Matsumoto on KITA Projects, The Japan Foundation

October 2007 : Participated in Photography Workshop and Exhibition: “Fictitious Realities” at Soemardja Gallery, host by Wanda Gillespie (Australia) and Henrycus (Indonesia)

July 2007: Participated in OK VIDEO 3rd – MILITIA with VIDEOLAB ( videowork : “ Mens Sana In Corpore Sano “, 2007 )

August 2006 : Leadership Workshop for participants of local and international internship
initiated by Kelola Arts Foundation, Solo, Middle of Java, Indonesia

December 2005 : democrazy screening program at BEFF 4 ( The 4 Bangkok Experimental Film Festival 2005 ), Bangkok, Thailand ( videowork : “ The Pathway “ )

November 2005: “ Are We Exist ? “ at BTW Space, Bandung, Indonesia
( Video Exhibition with videolab )

October 2005 : Video Screening of Beyond Panopticon at KINOKI, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Participating at Film Screening by Architect student forum, Parahyangan University, Bandung, Indonesia. ( videowork : “ The Pathway “ )

Agustus 2005 : Participating in Curatorial Workshop by Malcolm Smith ( Australia ) about alternative spaces, organized by Yayasan Seni KELOLA, Jakarta, Indonesia

July 2005: “ Understanding Art Project, lesson no.1” at Room no.1, Bandung, Indonesia, ( Collaboration exhibition with Curator, Aminudin TH Siregar )

June 2005: Participating in Rec It 2 by video babes at CommonRoom, Bandung, Indonesia ( 2 videoworks : “ The Pathway “, “ selamat pagi “ )

May 2005: Participating in “ Conversations “, Video Screening program at 24hr art
gallery, Darwin, Australia. ( videowork : “ conversation 1 “ )

May 11th – 16th 2004 : mediabaru@egroups, group exhibition, Galeri Lontar, Jakarta, Indonesia

April 10th – May 2nd 2004 : Beyond Panopticon Art and Global Media Project 2004, Electronic City Bandung, Indonesia

April 23rd -30th 2004 : Artifacts Performance Art Exhibition, The 2ndIAPAO Meeting, Galeri Kita, Bandung, Indonesia

January – February 2004 : 36Frame Photography Project, Common Room, Bandung, Indonesia

January 2004 : Kilas Balik 2003, Galeri Kita, Bandung, Indonesia

September 2003 : Bav-PAF #2, Bandung Performance Art Festival, Landraat, Bandung,Indonesia

July17th – August18th,2003 : ‘Childhood Objects’, Group Exhibition at Cemara 6 Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia

June18th – July7th,2003 : ‘Seduction (Boys Don’t Cry)’, Group Exhibition at Cemeti Art House,
Jogyakarta, Indonesia

May24th – June7th 2003 : ‘Seduction (Boys Don’t Cry)’, Group Exhibition at Ruang Rupa, Jakarta,

November 2002 : ‘Refleksi’ , installation+multimedia performance at Selasar Sunaryo Art –
Space, Bandung, Indonesia

October 2002 : ‘Rumah Nusantara Culture Fair’, multimedia group performance(Mujirushi),
at Rumah Nusantara Art House, Bandung, Indonesia

August 2002 : ‘Bavf-NAF#1 ( the bandung, video.film and new media art forum ),
installation+multimedia performance at Rumah Nusantara Art House, Bandung,

2001 : ‘ Ruangharap ‘, Interactive project for senbazuru at Ceramics Studio, Faculty
of Art and Design, ITB, Bandung, Indonesia

2000 : ‘ Earth Object ‘,Workshops and exhibitions with John Taschendorf from-
Australia at Soemardja Gallery, ITB, Bandung, Indonesia

1999 – 2000 : ‘ Save Our Culture ‘, Ceramics Research and Workshops with –
Prof. Chitaru Kawasaki from Kyoto Seika University, Bayat, East Java,

Grants, Scholarships

2008 : a scholarship from Tanoto Foundation in art management research (thesis), Magister FSRD ITB

2007 : a scholarship from VOUCHER ITB, for master study in thesis of art management from
2007 – 2009 (2 years) in Magister FSRD ITB

2007 : Magang Nusantara 2006, an internship at art and culture management in The Japan
Foundation, Jakarta sponsored by Kelola Arts Foundation

2006 : a scholarship for Lokakarya Manajemen Organisasi Seni dan Budaya at Cipayung, Bogor ( 22 – 26 May 2007 ) sponsored by Kelola Arts Foundation

ÿ Job and Organization Experiences

October 2008 – Sept 2009 : Program Coordinator at CMNK Gallery, Bandung, Indonesia

March – September 2008 : Project Coordinator for the Book “A Decade of Dedication” of 10th Years
Selasar Sunaryo on 5th September 2008

July 2008 – present : Founded S.14 as an exhibition space

August 2006 : Organized PHANTABOX, Solo Exhibition of SIM F at Cemara 6 Gallery, Jakarta

2006 : Internship at art and culture division of Japan Foundation, Jakarta

2004 : Clay Instructure at Villa Merah Art Course, Bandung, Indonesia

Marketing and Finance at Beyond Panopticon Art and Global Media Project,
Bandung, Indonesia

2003 – present : Founded and organized VIDEOLAB
(VIDEOLAB is non profit organization that focused in collecting videoworks from Local and International videomakers for study reference, research and database. Founded in Desember 2003).

2002 – 2003: Finance Manager at Petromar Ceramic’s House and Studio, Bandung, Indonesia

2001 : Administration and Finance Manager at Trolley Magazine ( Art,Music, and
Lifestyle Magazine ), Bandung, Indonesia

1998 – 2001 : Active in several activities and organizations while still a student and most of them are administration and finance matters, e.g as funding/sponsorship division, volunteer in some art projects.


2006 : Initiator and director for IKETERU HARAJUKU, a project of fashion experimental for young designers, held in gallery and hall of Japan Foundation, Jakarta.

2005 – 2006 : CINEMATIC LAB (November 2005 – November 2006)-2nd VIDEOLAB Project
organize a monthly program in a public space (billboard and cafes) through video
screening and discussion. (see : http://videolab.blogdrive.com)

2005 : Opening Coordinator for C ON C Local Clothing Design Exhibition by making collaboration between video, sound, and fashion performance at CCF ( Centre of France Cultural ) Bandung, Indonesia.

2004 :Initiator and artist for BEYOND PANOPTICON Art and Global Media Project
group exhibition, April 10th – May 2nd 2004, in public space, electronic store in
Bandung, Indonesia. ( see : http://beyondpanopticon.multiply.com )