Harry Mahardika

Hary Mahardika finished his art education at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design ITB in 2009. In the past two years, Hary has participated in several art exhibitions in Jakarta, Bandung, and Yogyakarta. His artworks in these exhibitions are in forms of terracotta vessels with some narrative illustrations on the surface reflecting social issues that he sees and experiences in his daily life. To Hary, art is not an original product of an artist, but it is a process of collision between the artist and his/ her environment creating an art—as he stated. A part of the daily environment is television (TV). How the TV influences a human’s daily life is the idea behind his artworks. TV is the daily life of city-people where the truth and imagination are collided without any evident partition. Just like any TV programme that is unconsciously a distortion of facts close to reality that seems real, but the programmes are usually grasped as absolute reality.
Hary’s artwork is an analogy about the modern people; the ceramic medium is meant as real entity of human beings with philosophical aspects about their identities and history created from dirt with imperfect characters. At the same time, it also resembles the modernity of humans’ daily behavior.


Saint Of the New Age. 2009. Handbuild earthenware

Opinion. 2008. Handbuild earthenware.

Exhibition View


Tasikmalaya, 9 August 1986
Education : BFA, Fine art department, Bandung Technology
Institute, 2009

Group Exhibition
2005 “Satu” TPB exhibition, Aula barat ITB, Bandung
2006 “Hero off the day”, Benteng vradenburk, Jogjakarta
2007 “us/industry”, Galery rumah teh, Bandung
2009 “ceramic in action“, Aarmuh space, Bandung
” keramik jejak”, titik oranje, Bandung
“1st C-arts show”, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta
“we’re millionaire”, A.O.D Gallery, Jakarta
“on going”, Vanessa artlink, Jakarta