Ferry Pharama

Ferry Pharama gained his art education at the Faculty of Fine Art and Design ITB in 1984. In his busy schedule, he spared some time to get actively involved in exhibitions held in Bandung and Jakarta until 1993. In the last few years, he has done some explorations and has created ceramic artworks using raku techniques. Raku is a traditional burning technique that originally began in Japan. In this technique, a ceramic object is burnt in a short time reaching the wanted temperature for the finishing to be applied and then to be quickly taken and piled in husk or something alike so that some parts of the surface will oxidize and will turn black. This technique is very unique because it results in distinctive colour characters and polished surface with the cracks, luster or glares of silver / gold in some parts. This burning technique is usually done in a low temperature because of the quick process. Apart from its background history, Ferry uses this technique to make his artworks a bit different compare to others because of unique surfaces it can create. Ferry makes use of tiled ceramic as a medium for drawing or a ‘canvas’. He shows cut out pictures of a man in different gestures. The title of his artworks tells us that the pictures made on them are a representation of himself whereas the tiles are a metaphor of fragments of his imaginations and thoughts that are divided into several groups and are composed in a harmony. His artworks show unity and interaction between a three-dimensional media with unique colours that can only be done by using ceramic medium. Moreover, he treats the surface of the clay as a two-dimensional drawing pad.


Aku Rangkaian Pikiranku.

Stoneware, Raku. Wall installation, variable dimension. 2009

Artist statement
“Bermain membebaskan gambaran pikiran”

Exhibition View


Ferry Pharama
Alamat : Jl. Teratai raya no. 36, Rancaekek, Bandung.
Tempat tanggal lahir : Bogor, 12 Februari 1961
Pendidikan : 1984 FSRD ITB Jurusan Seni Murni Studio Keramik
1994 Holmesglen C Tape, Melbourne – Australia

– Aktif pameran Bandung Jakarta hingga 1993
– Pameran “Jejak” Titik Oranje Gallery, Bandung tahun 2009
– Pameran 8012345 di Galeri Rumah The (Dago Tea House) tahun 2009

Karya terbaik Pameran Pendidikan ITB – Japan Foundation 1986