F. Widayanto

F.M. Widayanto graduated from the Faculty of Fine Art and Design ITB in 1981. Not long after that, he founded Ceramics Studio called Marryan’s Caly Work in Ciawi, Bogor in 1983. In 1990, he also established a similar studio called F.Widayanto Clay Statement, in Tapos, Bogor. F. Widayanto was also a lecturer at the ceramics studio at the Institut Kesenian Jakarta (IKJ) from 1990 to 1996. He is best known for his ceramic sculptures and products made in both studios he founded. F.Widayanto’s artworks show well-developed techniques that can be seen in his personal and mass products. He has a high sense of the characters of clay, which can be seen from the complicated and complex forms in his artworks that he has accomplished well. His artworks are considered as a figurative sculpture with the use of decorative elements. At other times, he uses other media and combined them with ceramic. The figures he makes are inspired from the Javanese traditional stories, such as Ganesha, Loro Blonyo, Dewi Sri, Semar, etc. In his artworks, he seems to re-interpret the characters including the stories behind them. He tries to relate the stories of those characters with the current issues in the community in narrative. Therefore, his artworks are not only rooted from the past traditional stories but also related to the present time. The last solo exhibition he had was titled Semarak 30 Semar at Galeri Nasional Indonesia (Indonesian National Gallery). In addition, F.Widayanto has also participated in several craft exhibitions in some cities in Indonesia.


Sleepless Batara, 2008
T 45 L 52 P 60 cm


F. Widayanto
Jakarta, 23 Januari 1953
Pendidikan Terakhir : S1, Jurusan Keramik Fakultas Seni Rupa dan Disain
Institut Teknologi Bandung, Lulus tahun 1981
Pekerjaan : Tahun 1983 mendirikan Studio Keramik “ Marryan’s
Clay Work ” , Ciawi, Bogor

Tahun 1990 mendirikan Studio Keramik “ F. Widayanto
Clay Statement “, Tapos, Bogor

Tahun 1990 – 1996 mengajar di Jurusan Keramik di
Institut Kesenian Jakarta


1987 : Pameran WADAH AIR, Erasmus Huis, Jakarta
1990 : Pameran LORO BLONYO, Mercantile Club, Jakarta
1990 : Pameran TOPENG, Bank Universal, Jakarta
1993 : Pameran GANESHA GANESHI, Bentara Budaya, Jakarta
1995 : Pameran UKELAN, The Regent Hotel, Jakarta
1996 : Pameran TOPENG, 16th National Craft Acquisition Award, Museum and Art
Gallery of the Northern Terittory, Darwin, Australia
1997 : Pameran GOLEKAN, Bentara Budaya, Jakarta
2000 : Pameran MOTHER & CHILD, Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta
2000 : Pameran KENDI-KENDI, Restoran & Gallery Koi, Jakarta
2001 : Pameran CERAMIC INSPIRATION, Hotel Sari Pan Pacific, Jakarta
2003 : Pameran DEWI SRI, Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta
2005 : Pameran WANITA KIPAS, Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta
2007 : Pameran NARCISSUS – NARCISSUS, Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta
2009 : Pameran SEMARAK 30 SEMAR, Geleri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta


1985 : Pameran tunggal, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta
1986 : Pameran tunggal, Singapore
1987 : Pameran di Sarinah New York, Amerika Serikat
1990 : Pameran di Los Angeles, Amerika Serikat
1991 : Pameran tunggal, Noumea, New Caledonia
1993 : Pameran tunggal, Surabaya
1994 : Pameran bersama Ken Pattern, Taruma Gallery, Bogor
1994 : Pameran tunggal, Bentara Budaya, Yogyakarta
1995 : Pameran Retrospektif, Seibu, Jakarta
1996 : Pameran tunggal, Chedi Hotel, Bandung
1997 : Pameran Made in Indonesia, World Trade Centre, Singapore
1997 : Pameran KIDI (Kerajinan Indonesia Dalam Interior), JHCC, Jakarta
1998 : Pameran tunggal, Plaza Senayan, Jakarta
2000 : Pameran Charcoal Drawing, The Regent Hotel, Jakarta
2000 : Indonesia Collection 2000, Crown Prince Hotel, Singapore
2002 : Pameran ICRA (Indonesia Craft), JHCC, Jakarta
2004 : Pameran INACRAFT (Indonesia International Handicraft), JHCC, Jakarta
2005 : Pameran INACRAFT (Indonesia International Handicraft), JHCC, Jakarta
2006 : Pameran INACRAFT (Indonesia International Handicraft), JHCC, Jakarta
2007 : Pameran INACRAFT (Indonesia International Handicraft), JHCC, Jakarta
2007 : Indonesia Porcelain Figurines, F. Widayanto – N. Kobayashi, Hotel Nikko Jkt
2008 : Pameran INACRAFT (Indonesia International Handicraft), JHCC, Jakarta
2009 : Pameran INACRAFT (Indonesia International Handicraft), JHCC, Jakarta