Evy Yonathan

Evy Yonathan studied ceramics independently from Lim Keng Sien. She actually gained her formal education majoring in tourism and travel business. Although she studied ceramics informally for one year from 1998 to 1999, Evy shows strong motivation and interest in ceramics just like she describes it: ‘Clay is my friend’. From 2001 until the present time, she has participated in several collaborative exhibitions; one of them is an exhibition she had with her friends in the group called Tanah Liat 9.

Evy’s artworks are from her personal stories and responses to the surrounding issues. Some of them show abstraction in the form of human figures especially female figures. Evy works using different techniques and she uses natural ‘earthy’ colours. She sometimes combines ceramics with other media, such as one of her artworks shown in this exhibition where she used canvas and ceramics. Her artworks can be categorized as figurative ceramics.


Watching Ironic Comedy (2009)
Variable Dimension

The Story Make, 2009



Jakarta 28 Oktober 1973

Pendidikan terakhir:

* Travel & Tourism National Business College,Virginia,USA
* Kursus keramik dengan Lim Keng Sien, February 1998-1999

Pameran Seni:

Pameran bersama Yayasan Kanker Serviks Indonesia. Gedung Arsip Nasional,Jakarta 2008

“Fire No Fear” (pameran bersama Tanah Liat 9 & Lim Keng Sien), Galery Hadiprana,Jakarta,Oktober 2007

“Beauty behind the Flame” (pameran bersama Tanah Liat 9), Bentara Budaya Jakarta, February 2006

“Finding Paradiso” (pameran bersama Parisianti Pradipto,Kurniawati Gautama,Ira wati,& Wati S.Karmojono). Galery Cemara,Jakarta,Oktober 2005

“Pameran Seniman Keramik Muda Indonesia”, Galeri Nasional Indonesia,December 2004

“ Dari Titik Nol” (Pameran bersama Parisianti Pradipto), Galery Mini Pusat Kebudayaan Jepang,Jakarta,Maret 2001