Desziana studied fine art at the Faculty of Fine Art and Design ITB majoring in ceramics art and graduated in 1993. Since 1991 she has participated in several collaborative exhibitions and has been managing a ceramics studio. Last year she had a solo exhibition titled Chapter Tree in an alternative space named S.14, Bandung. She showed artworks in white on white collage work using the medium sticker paper, forming a white tree. The same image is brought in this exhibition. In her artwork, Desziana uses the clay’s plasticity character to manipulate and imitate objects around us that are not made of ceramic. She makes an imitation of a cloth with textures of curl and certain ornaments around it which give the object stronger look as a cloth. It is certainly not aimed at creating an imitation of the real cloth because anyone would easily recognize the differences at a closer look. However, her purpose is to create a visual illusion and sensation in one’s perception on a certain object showing the feel of fragility. Moreover, Desziana makes use of the surface of the ceramic as an area for drawing. One image of tree presented in the middle of the curl of the cloth looks cold, separated from its environment and itself. It appears as a metaphor of human’s impression and feeling or even a metaphor of the human him/herself that seems estranged from everything in the middle of an abstract and empty environment. The image of tree and the ceramic surface become two texts that are separated and united in a solid artwork to bring our memories back to the feelings of fragility, loneliness, emptiness, and tranquility simultaneously. The cloth object may take us to our memories of domestic objects with their association with a woman’s femininity.


Accessory Fragile Handkerchiefs.
10×10 pieces ceramic plate porcelain. 2009



Bandung, 13 Desember 1965
Pendidikan : S1 Seni Keramik FSRD ITB, 1993

2008 Pameran Tunggal ‘Chapter Tree”, Ruang Alternative S.14, Bandung

Pameran Bersama:
1988 Pameran keramik Nikko Art Gallery, Bandung
1989 Pameran Keramik, Japan Foundation, Jakarta
1990 Pameran keramik, Hotel Preanger Bandung
Pameran Keramik, Gedung YPK, Bandung
1991 Pameran Keramik, Gedung DEPDIKBUD, Jakarta
Pameran Seni Grafis, Goethe Institute Bandung
1994 Pameran Forum Kecil Lembang,Bandung
1995 Pameran 50 th Kemerdekaan Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta
1999 Pameran Keramik Kontemporer, Gallery Soemardja, Bandung
2000 Pameran Seniman Muda Bandung, Nu Art Gallery, Bandung
2001 Alam Hati Kecil, Edwin Gallery, Jakarta
Pameran Alumni SR ITB, Gedung Pertamina, Jakarta
2002 Go! Act By Doing, Gallery Fabriek, Bandung
2003 Girls Talk, Edwin Gallery, Jakarta
2005 Pameran Seniman Keramik, Gedung Museum Keramik,Jakarta
2008 Deer Andry, ruang alternative S.I4, Bandung
2009 Deer Andry, Ruang Rupa, Jakarta
2009 My Body, Andy’s Gallery , Grand Indonesia, Jakarta
2009 Deer Andry, Mess 56, Jogyakarta

Workshop :
2002 Workshop glass blowing bersama seniman gelas dari Jepang, Gallery Fabriek, Bdg
2002 Workshop glass blowing bersama Manuel seniman gelas dari USA, Gallery Fabriek,
2002 Workshop drawing bersama Bpk Chusin Setiadikara, artist Indonesia, Bandung
2004 Workshop Bone China bersama Jan Stanley, Ceramic Designer Maker dari UK
2006 Workshop & Pameran Ceramic Design bersama Jan Stanley, Ceramic Designer Maker dari UK, Gallery Soemardja, Bandung
2008 Workshop ….Mella Jaarsma, Gallery Soemardja-S.14. Bandung

Penghargaan :
1990 Juara Pertama Lomba Rancang Aksesories Femina Gadis
1992 Finalis Lomba Perancang Mode Femina

Commision Works :
1997 Mural, Hand Painted Ceramic tiles untuk Resort Sekar Nusa, Denpasar, Bali
1998 Mural, terakota & mosaic untuk Aula Gedung Retrait Pratista, Kab. Bandung
1999 Hand Painted Tiles untuk taman rumah Bapak Fadel Muhammad, Jakarta
2000 Mural, hand painted ceramic tiles untuk rumah Ibu Rini Suwandi, Jakarta
2003 Mosaic, stoneware, untuk taman rumah bapak Pedro, Jakarta
2004 Mural, terakota, rumah bapak Sigit….. Jakarta
2005 Mosaic, untuk lantai rumah bapak Pedro, Jakarta
2006 Wall Hanging, ceramic tile+decal, Kedai Nyonya Rumah, Bandung
2007 Mural, terakota, SMP N 10, Cimahi
2007 Wall Hanging, Slumping Glass, untuk The Commerce Excecutive Club, Bakrie Tower, Jakarta