Albert Yonathan Setyawan

Albert Yonathan studied ceramics art at the Faculty of Fine Art and Design ITB and graduated in 2007. At the time being, besides as an artist he also works as a programme manager for Galeri Soemardja at ITB. In the last two years after finishing his study, Albert has been exploring his ideas on the human’s body and existence, especially its relations with the mystery of the nature. His artworks reflect questions on the connection between humans and other living creatures out there. His approach begins with creating three-dimensional characters that look like humans, animals, plants, or a combination of some of them. The repetition methods chosen along with the configurations of geometrical forms such as circles and triangles are aimed at showing the feel of contemplation and spirituality, structure and silence, also loneliness and togetherness, taken from symbolic meanings of universal signs. In this exhibition, he presents strange human-like creatures with wings on the head and tree-like shape replacing the upper-part of its bodies. The creatures in odd shapes are combinations of human forms and animal / plant bodies. Albert started from his conscience of a connection in human’s subconscious mind in every culture between humans and animals. The relationship is symbolic where humans usually picture conditions, abilities, or actions with animal characters or behavior seen from the choice and creation of signs and symbols with animal imaging. In the artworks, the bird symbolizes human’s dreams on knowledge of a reality outside the earth. It refers to the reality that a bird is an animal that can live in the air and can step its feet on the ground. Human, on the other hand, pulled in by the gravity always wants to fly and tries to defeat such attached law of nature. Albert’s artworks are usually in a form of installation.


stoneware glazed, decals, variable dimension, 2009

colored clay, glazed, decals, variable dimension, 2009

Exhibition View