Ahmad Bakar

After gaining his bachelor’s degree at the University of Tasmania in 1995 majoring in sculpture, Ahmad Abu Bakar worked actively as a lecturer at LaSalle SIA College of the Arts and in 2001 he got his master’s degree. His artworks show the tendency to continue the early tradition of ceramics art, pottery or vessel, by creating organic and geometrical forms and also, the uses of other contrasting materials. Radial form which center is the starting point is a mifestation of an enhancement of a bigger form in Ahmad’s artworks. Similar to a sketch, a movement, an alphabet, a culture is an enhancement of a central point that is a symbol of unity and resource. In geometry, a dot is the center of a circle. It is difficult to capture but it also has the ability to become a symbol of a beginning and an end. It is the main symbol of cosmology that represents solidity and unity. What Ahmad wants to express in his artworks is the idea of a union in geometry—a balance between material and spiritual world. The material world is everything in where we live in now. On the other hand, the spiritual world is untouchable or abstract. His interpretation about this is a journey and he uses circles as a metaphor of his journey as a process of invention.


Journey of a point to Geometry series #15

Clay and acrylic. Variable dimension. 2008

Artist statement
The radial form, which has as its centre a point of origin, is the manisfestation of a long preponderence with the aleph in my work. Just as the aleph – a stroke, an alphabet, a culture – is as extension of a point, the point serves as a symbol for unity and source for me. In geometry, the point is the centre of a circle. It is elusive and yet has the ability and symbolises the origin and the end. It is the primary cosmological symbol which also represents wholeness and unity. The idea of the unity that geometry suggests is what I want to express in my art – that is the balance of the material and the spiritual world. The material world is everthing that we live in. On the other hand, the spiritual world is intangible. My interpretation of the point is that of a journey. I use the circle as a metaphor for my journey which is a process of discovery.

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2001 : (RMIT) — (LaSalle-SIA of the Arts, Singapore)
Master of Fine Arts

1995 : University of Tasmania
Graduate in Bachelor of Fine Arts (Sculpture)

1989 : LaSalle College of Fine Arts
Diploma in Fine Arts (Ceramics)


1996 – Lecturer
LaSalle SIA College of the Arts


2008: 62-08: APAD Tradition, Innovation & Continuity
Singapore Art Museum

Sculpture Square, Singapore

8Q-Rate: School
8Q Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

Fost Gallery, Singapore

2007: International Contemporary Ceramic Exhibition:
Asian Ceramics Network and Selsius 2007 (3rd ACN)
Collaboration programme between Universiti Sains Malaysia, Asia Ceramics Network, Korea and Malaysian Handicrafts Development Corporation
National Art Gallery, Malaysia

Organized by Esplanade
Jendela, Esplanade, Singapore

Passion in Clay
Organized by Shanghai Art Exposition
Shanghai, China

2006: ASEAN Ceramic Workshop 2006
Organized by University Teknologi Mara
Galeri Seni, UiTM, Perak, Malaysia

Ceramics beyond borders
Organized by JUGAS
National Library Building, Singapore

The Second Dance Song – New Contemporaries
(in conjunction with the inaugural Singapore Biennale)
Organized by Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore
Earl Lu Gallery, Singapore

2nd Asian Ceramics Network Exhibition
Collaboration programme between Asian Ceramics Network and Silapakorn University
Bangkok, Thailand

2005: The WAHANA Project: Imagine Legacy
collaboration between Singapore and
Indonesian artists
Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Bandung, Indonesia

collaboration of two artists from two different generation
Substation Gallery, Singapore

collaboration between Singapore and
Philippine artists
Vargas Gallery, University of Philippines, Philippines

First Asian Ceramics Network
Organized by Asia Ceramics Network
Craft Culture Design Innovation Center, Korea

Form-ing Materials and Processes
Organized by Sculpture Square
Sculpture Square, Singapore

2004: Tok Selampit Millenium
Organized by Esplanade Theatre on the Bay
(curate by Ahmad Abu Bakar and Erzan Adam)
Jendela Gallery, Singapore

Utterly Art Gallery, Singapore

Earl Lu Gallery, Singapore

2003: WAHANA
collaboration between Singapore and Malaysia artists
Balai Seni Lukis Negara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Discovery Phase
Organized by Art Two Gallery
Art Two Gallery, Singapore

Singapore Contemporary Ceramics
Organized by Art Season Gallery
Art Season Gallery, Singapore

Bilateral Bonds
Organized by Taksu Gallery
Taksu Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Sculpture Biennale Symposium
organized by: Plastic Kinetic Worms
Plastic Kinetic Worms Gallery and
NIE/NTU Gallery, Singapore

Power Show – Work in Progress
organized by: Sculpture Society Singapore
Substation, Singapore

2002: BadEevilAwfulUglyTerribleYucky
organized by: The Artist Village
Utterly Art, Singapore

Re-nascence of an Art Collection
Inaugural of the South and Southeast Asian Gallery
NUS Museum, Singapore

The Alumni Exhibition
University Gallery, Invermay
University of Tasmania, Launceston
Tasmania, Australia

New Sculpture Milennium
The First International Miniature Sculpture Exhibition, Taiwan
National Museum of History Taipeh
Pier-2 Art District Kaohsiung

Portrait Reasses
Earl Lu Gallery, Singapore

2001: Nokia Singapore Art 2001
Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

Contemporary 2001- APAD
Calligraphy Centre, Singapore

Earl Lu Gallery, Singapore

2000: Nokia Art
Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

1999: Provocative Things – A 3-Dimensional Experience in Singapore
Official Opening & Inaugural Biennial Exhibition, Sculpture Square, Singapore
Alliance Francais’ Gallery, Singapore
Group Exhibition,
Earl Lu Gallery, LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts,

1998 : Drawing and Diagram: Ideas Personified
(Singapore Art Festival)
Group Exhibition – Caldwell House, Chijmes

Everything Must Go
Group Exhibition – Substation Gallery, Singapore

Perak Arts Festival, Malaysia
Perak, Malaysia

1997 : Singapore Art ’97
Suntec City Convention Centre, Singapore

Look Exhibition
Earl Lu Gallery, LaSalle SIA College, Singapore

(Fundamental, Observation, Reflex, Movement)
Barli Museum, Bandung, Indonesia

1996 : Inaugural Exhibition -Modernity and Beyond
Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

1995 : From Another Place
University Gallery
University of Tasmania, Launceston
Tasmania, Australia

1994 : Prefx Point Travelling Show
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Singapore
Creative Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

1993 : Art in Asia (Singapore Art Fair)
World Trade Centre, Singapore

1992 : Metropol!!
(September Art Festival)
The Substation, Singapore

Vision IV
National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore

The Space (Singapore Festival of Arts Fringe Programme)
Hong Bee Warehouse, Singapore

Bread and Butter Exhibition
National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore

1991 : National Sculpture Seminar
Group Exhibition, National Museum Art Gallery,

1990 : Chrysalis (Singapore Art Festival Fringe
Marina Room, Singapore

Best of LaSalle
Arts Affairs Gallery, Singapore

The Arts for Nature
The Exhibition Gallery, Empress Place

Vision III
The Substation Gallery, Singapore

Australian Art Award
National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore

Gateway of Malaysia
Dato’ Jaffar Building
Johor Bahru, Malaysia


2007: Consultant/coordinator
for the fabrication of Brother Joseph McNally sculpture titled Black Hole

for an exhibition titled Mapped at the Esplanade with the participation of ceramists from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam

2005 : Mercy relief
Commissioned ceramic logo

2004 : Curator
for an exhibition titled Sambal Blachan at the Esplanade

for an exhibition titled Tok Selampit at the Esplanade

Pesta Raya Decoration

2000 : Commissioned 3x 5 meter Bronze Sculpture
titled Kuda Ku Lari, Singapore Turf Club
Project coordinator/Lecturer in charge

1998 : Project by Staff & Students of LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts
(CDC & National Arts Council)

1997 : Life-size human replica
National Museum, Elizabeth Choy exhibition
(A man and a woman)

1996 : Miniature of Tin-mine site
National Museum, The Hakkas’s exhibition

1996 : Outdoor mural
Maris-Stella Kindergarten

Financial Club, Penthouse, Restaurant Niaga Tower, Jakarta, Indonesia
(Group, 3 X 12 meters Multi-Panel Paintings)

Commissioned to sculpt the Asian Village’s
front gateway logo in Sentosa, Singapore (2 X 2 meters wood carving)

1990 : Design Miniatures of Singapore Historical
Buildings and Peranakan Houses for “Little Islands”


1999 : Singapore Turf Club Art Competition
For outstanding Artistic Creativity

1998 : Awarded the Arts Award of Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI)

1990 : Merit Award
IBM Art Award
Commissioned to design the Australian Art Award Trophy (1 foot Ceramic Sculpture)

1990 : Teater Remaja – Kemuning
(Stage design for the play. “This time 12 O’clock comes later than its schedule”)


2007 3rd Asian Ceramics Network Seminar
Organized by Asian Ceramic Network and University Teknologi Mara
Balai Seni Negara, Malaysia

2006 2nd Asian Ceramics Network Seminar
Organized by Asia Ceramic Network and University Silapakorn
Bangkok, Thailand

ASEAN Ceramic Workshop 2006
Organized by University Teknologi Mara
Galeri Seni, UiTM, Perak, Malaysia

2005 First Asian Ceramics Network Seminar
The development of Asian Ceramic
Seoul, Korea

2003 UNESCO – AHPADA – ASEF Training Workshop
From Tradition to Innovation: Design Innovation within Traditional Aesthetic Forms
Ayutthaya, Thailand

1990 Sculpture
Bill Clements (Australian Sculpture)

1989 Ceramics
Darus (Indian Potter)

1988 Painting & Sculpture
Thomas Liestneer (German Artist)

1987: Art Commandos
National Arts Festival (exhibition included)


1999 : National Arts Council Study Grant

1993 : National Arts Council Study Grant
(University Of Tasmania)

1993 : National Arts Council Project Grant
(Prefx Point Show)

1992 : National Arts Council Project Grant
(Bread & Butter Show)