Aedan Harris

Aedan Harris gained his diploma in ceramics art at Australian National University and his bachelor’s degree at Sydney College of The Arts. Since 2004, he has been actively participating in several ceramics exhibitions in Australia and Japan. This year, he received Honourable Mention, Diploma of Honour Award in the international competition the 5th World Ceramic Biennale 2009 in Korea. He has also curated an exhibition last year at Japan Foundation Gallery, Sydney for an exhibition titled ‘New Friends, Art and Adventure’. This exhibition shows some artworks made by Japanese, Cambodian, Indian, Laotian, Indonesian, and Australian artists.Aedan’s artwork is an investigation on primordial and evolutionary steps of life forms. The gestures of development and direction are two elements formed and compressed by the unconscious mind. He attempt to tap into this, in order to create forms that dictate their eventual design without any preconceived orientation. An attempt that follows an evolutionary flow without a known destination; the nature of clay is explored, it’s plasticity, texture and its ability to capture space and display volume.


Phronima. Stoneware, engobe, reduction firing
panjang 72, lebar 26, tinggi 23
Tahun 2008


Exhibition View


Born 1974.
1997 Diploma of Art (Ceramics) Australian National University
2009 Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) Ceramics, Sydney College of the Arts

1999 -2000 – Sturt Craft Centre, Mittagong, Australia
2008 August – October – Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Japan.

Awards and Grants

2009 The 5th World Ceramic Biennale 2009 Korea International Competition- Honourable Mention, Diploma of Honour Award.
2008 Recipient of the Japan Foundation’s JENESYS( Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths) Grant.
2006 The University of Sydney, Sydney College of the Arts Jerome de Costa Memorial Award.

Selected Group Exhibitions (recent)

2009 ‘I Love SCA’, Sydney College of the Arts Graduation Exhibition.
2009 ‘New Friends Art and Adventure’, Japan Foundation Gallery, Sydney.
2008 ‘No Where Men’, Shigaraki Ceramic Institute Gallery, Japan.
‘No Where Men’, Gallery Deux Poisson, Tokyo, Japan.
– Both joint exhibitions with Indonesian ceramic artist Nurdian Ichsan.
2007 Sydney College of the Arts Degree Show
2006 Mura Clay Gallery- Transferring the Image, a diverse exploration of printmaking using paper, clay, metal and wood.
2005 FECCA Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition- an exploration of multicultural identity in Regional Australia. Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils Of Australia.
2004 All Hand Made Gallery -Oribe and Cloth, a presentation of work inspired by Oribe, a traditional Japanese ceramic style.

Curatorial Experience

2008 New Friends, Art and Adventure 16 – 31st July, Japan Foundation Gallery, Sydney – Curated by Aedan, this exhibition featured ceramic art by Aedan as well as five other 2007/08 JENESYS grant recipients from Cambodia, Indonesia, India and Laos. It also included six young emerging Japanese ceramicists Aedan met during his residency at the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Japan.

Australian Ceramics Journal – Vol 48, No. 3, New Friends, Art and Adventure – an article written by Aedan Harris, discussing his residency at Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Japan.
Ceramics Technical Magazine – Vol.8- 1999,pg 96. Sturt Facilities Support Graduates- an article on the Residency Program at STURT CRAFT CENTRE.

International Competitions

2009 Selected for the 5th World Ceramic Biennale 2009 Korea International Competition.