A.A Ivan W.B

A.A Ivan WB once worked as a technician in the Research and Analyses of Jenggala Ceramics in Jimbaran, Bali. He gained his Diploma of Art in ceramics at Box Hill TAFE in Melbourne, Australia. His artworks are mainly vessels or teapots. His teapots, tableware, or ceramic containers may be presented in two possibilities: container or teapot as a starting point for further formations and teapot or container in the understanding that the object has functions. Thus, the meanings depend on how the teapot objects function. In most of Ivan’s artworks, it is evident that the teapot forms lead to abstract and organic forms. Although we can see the strong tendencies in forms and textures including the surface colours, the possibility of the objects having functions may not be completely eliminated. Ivan made his teapot artworks using hand-building techniques that make it possible to create more flexible forms compared to using throwing techniques. By using natural colours, it reminds us of traditional ceramic container artworks using simple techniques but have excellent aesthetic quality in composition of forms and proportion of the parts like the handle, the spout, and the body of teapot.


Carat 18 cm ( 2009 ),stoneware, cone 10

Carat 3 (18cm),slab-built,stoneware,redution Cone 10

Carat 2,stoneware,cone 10,18 (cm)

Carat 5(15cm),slab-built; stoneware Cone 10

Carat 4(18cm),slab-built, stoneware;redution Cone 10

Exhibition View


Lahir: Denpasar, 8 Mei 1974

1998-2000 : Diploma of Art, Box Hill TAFE Melbourne-Australia (ceramic)

Pengalaman Kerja
2000 – 2005 : Jenggala Keramik Jimbaran Bali(Risert-Analys&Technician)