The First Jakarta Contemporary Ceramic Bienale 2009

There is dynamic development of contemporary art in South-east Asia countries for the past decade, and it opens artistic spectrum widely for medium exploration. The boundaries of fine art categorizations are no longer distinct, thus, it gives place to the forms of fine art outside paintings and sculpting, and even blurring the lines between art and craft in the context of Western fine art. The form of art with ceramic as the medium is the one that appeals to art society with the emerging contemporary artists bringing their works and their concepts. Their works could not even be distinguished in the arena of contemporary art in the present.

Jakarta Contemporary Ceramic Biennale #1 held in North Art Space (NAS), Pasar Seni Ancol, is an attempt to map the practice of contemporary art, not only in Indonesia but also in South-east Asia countries and worldwide. In its first event—the initiation—there are prominent figures in art world, teaming up as a curator team that would do the selection namely Asmujo J. Irianto and Rifky Effendy. They both sort out the talented ceramic artists. From Indonesia, the artists who participate in the event are F. Widayanto, Nurdian Ichsan, Nia Gautama, Lie Fhung, Albert Yonathan, and many more; Mirjam Veldhuis from the Netherlands and Jason Lim from Singapore; also the ones from Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines. The artworks are showing various techniques and artistic values, based on pottery, sculpture, and concepts, including artists with the background of sculpting such as Wiyoga Muhardanto and Handiwirman Saputra.

Adding public appreciation towards the art of ceramic, there will be sessions of lecture about the development of art and the practice of ceramic and workshop of Japanese Raku technique; also the one open for public is shaping ceramic on potter’s wheel. It is a high hope that this contemporary ceramic biennale, organized by NAS, bring the development of both national’ and international’s ceramic practice.

Mrs. Farida Kusuma / Mr. Anom
North Art Space
Pasar Seni Ancol.
Jl. Lodan Timur No: 7
Jakarta 14430
Ph: +62 21 64710319

Jakarta Contemporary Ceramic Biennale 2009

Initiated by Rifky Effendy and Asmujo J. Irianto

Organised and supported by Jaya Ancol – Jakarta


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