Geng Xue (China)

Geng Xue


Currently lives and works in Beijing, China.

Geng Xue was born in Jilin, China, in 1983. She attended the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China, from which she graduated in 2007 with a B.F.A. In 2013, she attended the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design in Karlsruhe, Germany and received an MFA from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Bejing, China, in 2014, under the tutelage and direction of renowned artist Xu Bing. Through her travels across the globe and her immersion in different cultures, Geng developed a contemporary style that is indicative of her curious nature and passion for tradition. In particular, her sculpture work exemplifies this disposition. For the stop-animation film “Mr Sea” (2014), Geng uses ceramics to craft a tale reminiscent of the stories found in the Qing Dynasty collection ‘Strange Tales from Make-do Studio,’ merging narrative story with her exploration of the medium’s visual language.

For her 2015 solo exhibition at Klein Sun Gallery, “Borrowing an Easterly Wind,” Geng Xue probed the ancient texts of the Daoist philosopher Zhuang Zi to create new mixed media works that bridge her understanding of the East and West. Her fluid use of photography, sculpture, watercolor, and video illustrate her understanding of the 2,000-year-old metaphysical concept of the “pipes of heaven” or “tian lai.” In the same year, she was appointed as a professor of sculpture at the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Geng’s solo exhibitions include “Poetics of the Body – The Sculpture & Video Art of Geng Xue,” Fengmian Art Space, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, China (2016); “Mr Sea,” ZERO Art Center, Beijing, China (2014); and “The Other Side,” National Museum of Wales, Cardiff, UK (2009). Her work has also been included in museum group shows around the world, including “Animaux Biennale,” MoCA Shanghai, Shanghai, China (2016); “Stories of Life: Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition,” China Cultural Centre, Sydney, Australia (2016); “China 8 – Contemporary Art from China on the Rhine and Ruhr,” Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg, Germany (2015); “CAFAM Future: Observer-Creator The Reality Representation of Chinese Young Art,” K11 Art Foundation, Hong Kong (2015) and “RED Aside – Chinese Contemporary Art of the Sigg Collection,” Fundacio Joan Miro, Barcelona, Spain (2008).

Her accolades include the 2016 Prize Yishu 8 China; silver prize at the 1895 China Contemporary Ceramic Exhibition in Nantong, China; the ‘YiLian’ scholarship at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2014; and first prize at the ‘Graduate Show of Central Academy of Fine Arts 2007’ in Beijing, China, for her ceramic work ‘Banquet of HanXizai’.

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