Diego Akel (Brazil)

Diego Akel (Brazil)


Diego Akel works since 2002 with illustration, fine arts, photography and animation, and mixes all these approaches in his works. With more than 50 animated films done since 2006, between authoral and commissioned pieces, his work is a reference in the contemporary experimental animation, appearing in websites like Colossal, Mixed Grill, Matti Mattila, UFunk, Hypeness, Cartoon Brew and which have been quoted in specialized brazilian film magazines such as Filme Cultura.

His short films have been exhibited in many festivals and screenings all over the world, and won several prizes. Diego also is an animation curator, producer, lecturer and teacher, and in 2014 he gave a workshop in animation at the prestigious Accademia di Belli Arti, in Bologna, Italy, in a invitation from the OTTOmani Association of animators.

Today Diego researches animation as an spontaneous form of artistic creation, utilizing mobile devices and a mix of several technologies and approaches.

1998 Trilogia “Na Escrivaninha”

1999 Abducão

2002 Corredor da Morte

2006 O Facínora

2006 Manifesto da Animação Total

2006 Epiléptico-Mídia

2006 Experimental Expressionista Expresso ou O Gabinete do Dr. Akel (co-direção)

2007 Neuro TV

2007 Alucina 15

2007 Baixa-Frequência

2008 Faróis

2009 Linhas e Espirais

2009 Golpe Postal

2012 Maria da Glória

2012 Balada do Guarda-Roupa

2014 Fluxos

2015 Classificados, Prainha, Muro, Sexta à noite, Mobilis, Poliglota, Magazine, Madrugada, Bandeira, Luzes do Estúdio, Pretas, Repentino, Onda, Ouro Preto, Rasgo, Orvalho, Micro-Macro, Fotogramas, Máscara, Terça-feira.

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