Photo Album Amorf-Scape

Opening of Amorf-scape : Modern Ceramics of Bandung

Collection of Ceramics Studio – FSRD – ITB

At Lawang Wangi Creative Art Space – Bandung

From 17 March to 10 April 2016

From 1970’s  – 1990’s

Exhibiting works of :
Bambang Prasetyo, Hendrawan Riyanto, Asmudjo Jono Irianto, Ferry Pharama, Nugroho Sulistianto, Marintan Sirait, Dezsiana Machmud, Hendri Saifulhayat Herres, Ira Adriati, Susi Abdurrachman, Ira Loebis, Anta Widjaya, Nungki, Rizki A. Zaelani, Kujang Putera, etc. Also works of recent artists such as:  Antonio S Sinaga, Argya Dhyaksa, Tisa Granicia, Bonggal Hutagalung, Natas Setiabudhi.

This exhibition is part of pre – event of The 4th JCCB 2016




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