Open Call The 4th JCCB 2016: Residency Program

Artist’s Residency Program JCCB-4. Open Call

At its third edition, Jakarta Contemporary Ceramics Biennale exhibited works created by artists involved in JCCB’s residency program. The program now aims to connect artists with Indonesia’s environment, people, and culture. JCCB’s residency program is unique in that it involves hosts located in diverse locations with diverse characters, cultures, and environments. They consist of centers of traditional ceramics production (or ceramic villages), independent studios, education institutions, and semi-industrial ceramic makers/factories. Rural and urban hosts have their respective characteristics, materials and resources, as well as facilities and other unique elements.

This residency program is open to artists (working with ceramics or non-ceramics) who are interested in Indonesian culture, who enjoy experiencing new and different atmospheres in which to create their works, and who are open to new creative possibilities. Artists will be chosen based on the quality of their works, backgrounds and career developments. We hope to see works that highlight both the artist’s personality and the artist’s response to residency environment.

JCCB#4 will provide accommodation, meals, studio facilities, materials, to cover the residency period.

This opportunity is open to international artists interested in a month-long residency program in Indonesia—which will be held some time between August, September and October 2016. Interested artists must:

1. Submit a proposal (in English, max 700 words) discussing your residency ideas/concepts. You must also submit a CV or short biography, self-photograph, and documentation photographs of your previous works (min. 5 images in JPG or PDF, 5 MB total).
2. Indicate/choose your preferred residency location (ceramic village, education institution, artist’s studio, or semi-industrial establishment/factory). For more information, please refer to…/programs/residency-programs/
3. Be able to cover own cost of travel to and from Indonesia—either individually, or by involving a donor organization from artist’s home country.
4. Submit before the deadline of 28 February 2016.

Note: Works created during residency will be exhibited throughout JCCB#4. The organizers will not be arranging to shop back these works to the artists’ home countries. Works will be donated to art institution(s) in Indonesia, unless the artist is willing to [individually and personally arrange for it, or] hand-carry the work(s) with them.

Please send your submission in PDF format to: or , with the subject: RESIDENCY Open Call JCCB#4.


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